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LAMPIRAN 2 August 31, 2007

Posted by Mahdi in Lampiran.
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Berikut adalah salinan hadis-hadis yang diambil daripada kitab Al-Mahdiyul Muntazar, karangan ulama hadis terkemuka zaman ini, iaitu Syeikh Abdullah bin Sadek, Ph.D. (1914 – 1993). Beliau berasal daripada Maghribi dan berusaha gigih mengumpul dan menerangkan kesahihan hadis­hadis mengenai Imam Mahdi.

Buku beliau ini asalnya ditulis dalam bahasa Arab, tidak sempat dicetak kerana beliau meninggal dunia semasa peringkat akhir menyiapkannya. Kitab tulisan tangan beliau itu kemudian diterjemahkan oleh salah seorang anak muridnya, Syeikh Ahmad Darwish ke dalam bahasa Inggeris, dan disiarkan di internet, selain dicetak (pada tahun 1985) untuk jualan di United Kingdom dan di Amerika Syarikat dengan tajuk Al-Mahdi, Jesus dan The Anti Christ.

Menurut Syeikh Abdullah bin Sadek, hadis-hadis yang dimuatkan di dalam bukunya ini adalah hadis-hadis yang telah mencapai taraf sahih dan kesahihannya diperakukan oleh para Huffaz. Hasilnya, sehingga ke hari ini, bilangan cendekiawan yang menentang kemunculan Imam Mahdi atau menafikan hadis-hadis semakin berkurangan kerana mereka sudah kehilangan bukti dan tumpul pula hujah-hujah yang kukuh.

Bentuk asal, susunan, ejaan dan bahasa yang digunakan oleh penterjemah kitab tersebut (Syeikh Ahmad Darwish) sengaja penulis kekalkan untuk menjaga keaslian terjemahan Inggeris berkenaan. Hanya bentuk dan saiz fon sahaja yang diubah, untuk menyesuaikannya dengan saiz buku ini. Penulis sengaja tidak mahu menterjemahkannya lagi ke dalam bahasa Melayu kerana hadis-hadis dan asar-asar berkenaan telah pun diberikan terjemahannya di dalam bahagian-bahagian terdahulu dalam buku ini.

Authentic Sayings of Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, concerning Al Mahdi narrated by thirty-three of his Companions and five of their Companions 

A. Al Mahdi’s Lineage,  Physical Appearance and Characteristics: 

1. Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, said : 
“Al Mahdi is (descended) from me. 
His forehead will be radiant, and his nose prominent. 
He will fill the earth with both fairness and justice just as it will have been filled by oppression
and injustice,
and he will govern for seven years.” 

2. “… so a man will come to him saying:
”O Mahdi, give me, give me!” 
So he will fill his clothes with as much as he can carry.”


B. The State of the World before his Advent: 

3. “The Hour will not occur until the ground has been filled with injustice and transgressions.  Then, a man from the Family of my House will come and fill it with fairness and justice  just as it was filled by harm and oppression.” 

4. “At the end of my nation Al Mahdi will come for whom Allah will send rain so that the earth
produces its plants.
He will give wealth equally; cattle will increase and the nation will be great. 
He will live for seven or eight.”

5. “ … so a man from my pure musked children will govern for seven or nine …” 

C. A Stern Trial 

6. “At the end of Time a stern trial from their governor will come upon my nation – never before will they have heard of a trial such as it.
The wide earth will shrink before them and the earth will become full of oppression and injustice so that believers find no refuge from harm. 
So, Allah, the Mighty, the Purified will send a man from my pure musked descendants who will
fill the earth with fairness and justice, just as it was filled by oppression and injustice. 
The inhabitants of Heaven and Earth will be pleased with him. 
The earth will not withhold any of its seed — all will be produced.
Nor will the Heaven withhold any of its showers except that Allah pours it upon them in
And he will live among them seven, eight or nine years; 
the dead will wish for life because of that!
Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified will give the inhabitants of the earth from His Goodness.” 

7. “At the end of Time, a Caliph will come who distributes wealth without count.” 



8. “A man from my nation will come who speaks with my Sunnah and Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified will send showers of rain from the heavens  so that the earth will produce its blessing.  Through him the earth will be filled with fairness and justice just as it had been filled by oppression and injustice. He will govern this nation for seven years, and go to Jerusalem.”

9. “I bear good tidings for you concerning Al Mahdi. He will be sent when people differ and the earth quakes!”


E. Distribution of Wealth

10. “He will fill the earth with fairness and justice just as it had been filled by oppression and injustice.
The inhabitants of the heavens and earth will be pleased with him. 
He will distribute wealth equally.” 
At this point a companion asked what ‘equally’ meant so the Prophet replied:
“Equally, between the people, and Allah will fill the hearts 
of the nation of Muhammad with richness and his justice will satisfy them
until he sends a messenger saying: “Who is in need of wealth?” 
None except one man will stand and say, “Me.” 
So he will say: “Go to the treasurer and tell him that Al Mahdi orders you to give me wealth.” 
So the treasurer will say to him: “Fill with your hands!” 
And he will put it in his clothing then tie it. 

Then he will become contrite and say:
“I was the most greedy among the nation of Muhammad”, 
and he will attempt to return it but it will not be accepted, and it will be said to him:
“We do not accept what we have given.” 
And so he (Al Mahdi) will remain 
seven, eight or nine years — then, there is no goodness left in life nor yet in living after him.” 

The preceding narrations were reported by Abi Said Al Khudri in the reference of Abi Dawood, Al Hakim, At-Tirmizi, Ahmad, ibn Hibban, Muslim, Al Tabarani (in his middle dictionary), Al Barudi and Abu Nuaym in his forty Hadith concerning Al Mahdi. 

F. The Certainty of his Appearance: 

11. “Even if there remained only one day left to be lived 
Allah will prolong that day until He sends a man from me. 
His name is like my name, and his father’s name is like my father’s name. 
He will fill the earth with fairness and justice just as it was filled by oppression and injustice.” 

12. “The days will not end and life will not vanish until the Arabs are governed by a man
from the Family of my House — his name is the same as mine.”


G. TheImportance of Following Al Mahdi 

13. Ibn Masood reported: “We went to the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, 
and he came out with good news — and happiness was easily recognizable upon his face. 
When we asked him about a matter he would tell us about it, 
and we were never silent about anything until he spoke of it, 
until a party from the Bani Hashim passed by amongst whom were Al Hasan and Al Hussain,
peace be upon them. 
When he saw them he hugged them with tears in his eyes, 
so we asked: “O Messenger of Allah, we see something has changed your face which distresses us.”
Thereupon he replied: “We are a Family of a House 
for whom Allah has chosen the Hereafter rather than the present. 
After me my family will be refugees, 
driven out of countries until the Black Banners are raised in the East.
They will ask for the truth but they will not be given it, 
so they will ask again for it, and they will not be given it, 
so they will fight and be given victory.
Those of you or your descendants who live during that time
go to the Imam of the Family of my house even if you have to crawl over ice to him.
Indeed, they are banners of guidance. 
They will deliver it to a man from the Family of my House his name is the same as my name, and the name of his father is the same as my father, and he will fill the ground with fairness and justice.”

This hadith is in found in the references of Abu Dawood, Al Hakim, At-Tirmizi, Ibn Hibban, Ibn Majhah, Au Ash-Shaykh, Ibn Adiy, Abu Dhabi, Ibn Asakir and Abu Nuaym. 

H. Return of Justice 

14. Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, said: 
“If only one day in life remains, Allah will send a man from the Family of my House. 
He will fill the earth with justice just as it has been filled by injustice.” 

15. “Al Mahdi is from the family of the House Allah will ‘yuslihu’ him in a night.” 


I. Unification of Muslims 

16. “He is from us – as Allah opened with us, so He will close, and with us they will be saved
from polytheism. 
And with us Allah arbitrates between the hearts after open hostility 
as He arbitrates between their hearts after the hostility of polytheism.”
Ali asked: “Are they believers or unbelievers?”
He answered: “Some are on trial and others are unbelievers.” 

J. Warning:

17. “At the end of Time there will be a trial in which people will be sorted 
in a way similar to that in which gold is sorted from metal.” 

18. “So do not rebuke the people of Syria 
but rebuke the evil people among them because amongst them is Al Abdal. 
A flood is about to be sent down upon the people of Syria 
which will disperse their groups in such a way that if foxes attacked they would be beaten. 
At that time a man from the Family of my House 
will come under three banners; 
between twelve and fifteen thousand and their password is – ‘Die, die.’
Then, there will come seven banners and under each will be one man seeking the kingdom. 
Allah will kill all of them and restore unity and favors upon the hearts of Muslims, 
and those who were far come close.”


The preceding hadith was reported by Imam Ali in the references of Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah and At-Tabarani. 

K. Children of Lady Fatima, may Allah be pleased with her and them

19. “Al Mahdi is frommy pure musked descendants from the children of Fatima.” 

20. “Yes, he is the truth, and he is from the children of Fatima.”


L. When and Where Al Mahdi is given Allegiance

21. “Differences will occur after the death of a caliph and a man from the people of Medina will escape to Mecca. Then, some of the people of Mecca will come to him and drag him out against his desire  and give him their allegiance between Ar-Rukn and Al Makam.  An army will be sent against him from Syria that will be swallowed up in Al Bayda – desert between Mecca and Medina. When people see this the Abdal of Syria will come to him as well as a group of people from Iraq and pledge their allegiance between Ar-Rukn and Al

Then a man from the Koraysh will come whose cousins are from Kalb, 
and he will send an army to them that will overcome them and this will become known as the
Battle of Kalb. 
Whosoever does not witness the spoils of war from Kalb is lost! 
And he (Al Mahdi) will distribute wealth and practice the Sunnah
of their Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, with the people. 
And Islam will spread throughout the earth. 
He will remain seven years then die, and the believers will pray for him.”

This hadith was reported by Lady Ummu Salamah, wife of the Prophet, Mother of the Believers, may Allah be pleased with her, and is found in the references of Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Al Hakim, Ibn Hibban and At-Tabarani. 

M. The Black Banners 

22. “Before your treasure, three will kill each other — all of them are sons of a different caliph but none will be the recipient. Then the Black Banners will appear from the East and they will kill you in a way that has never before been done by a nation.”  Thawban, a companion said: “Then he said something that I do not remember by heart”  then continued to say that the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, said:  “If you see him give him your allegiance, even if you have to crawl over ice, because surely he is the Caliph of Allah, Al Mahdi. If you see the Black Banners coming from Khurasan go to them immediately, even if you must crawl over ice, because indeed amongst them is the Caliph, Al Mahdi.”

23. “The Black Banners will come to you from the East, their hearts are like iron. Whosoever hears about them let them go crawling — even over ice!” 


The preceding Hadith was reported by Thawban and is found in the references of Ibn Majah, Al Busiri, Al Hakim, Ahmad, Nuaym, Ad-Daylami, Al Hasan, son of Sufyan, and Abu Nuaym. 

N. The Government of Al Mahdi: 

24. “People will come from the East and will establish the government for Al Mahdi.”

Reported by Abdullah son of Al Harth and is found in the references of Ibn Majah and At-Tabarani in his middle dictionary. 

25. “If only one night remains in the world, a man will come from the House of the Prophet,
praise and peace be upon him, who will govern it.”

26. “Al Mahdi will be in my nation for at least seven (years) or eight or ten, 
and my nation will enjoy favors which it has never enjoyed before.
The heavens will send an abundance of rain, 
the earth will not store any seed, rather it will yield all its fruits. 
There will be a surplus of wealth but a man will stand up and say:
“O give me,” so he will be told “Take.”

27. “The Hour will not occur until a man from the Family of my House comes.
He will beat them until they return to the truth.” 

28. It was asked: “How long will he govern?”Whereupon he answered “Five plus two.”


O. Constantinople/Istanbul and the Mountain of Al-Daylam

29. “If there only remains but one day left in the world, 
Allah will prolong it until a man from my house governs. 
He will open Constantinople and the Mountain of Al-Daylam.”

30. “A man named As-Sufyani will come from the center of Damascus. 
The majority of his followers will be from the tribe of Kalb. 
He will kill until he rips women open and kills children. 
So the tribe of Kays will rise up in retaliation and he will slaughter all of them!
Then a man from the Family of my House will come in Al Hirrah and the news will reach As-
Then he will send his army but it will suffer defeat. 
As-Sufyani will march with his followers to him until they reach a desert and the ground will
swallow them up.
None will be saved except the one bearing the news.”


P. The Emergence of the False Messiah 

31. “The Romans will surround a leader from my pure musked children. 
His name will be the same as mine. They will fight each other at a place called Al Imak and one
third, or thereabouts, of the Muslims will be killed. 
They will fight again on another day and again one third or thereabouts of the Muslims will be
On the third day they will fight again and the Romans will be defeated. 
And they will remain there until they open Constantinople. 
It is whilst they are distributing the spoils of war that a messenger will come
informing them that the false messiah is in their home town with their children.” 

Reported by Abu Hurayrah in the reference of Ibn Hibban, At-Tirmizi, Abuya’li, At-Tabarani, Al Bazaar, Abu Nuaym and Al Hakim. 

Q. Dwellers of Paradise

32. “We are the children of Abd Al Muttalib, the Masters of the Dwellers of Paradise 
myself, Hamza, Ali, Jafar, Al Hasan, Al Hussain and Al Mahdi.”

33. “An Army from the Direction of Iraq 
When the Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him,
slept in the house of Lady Ummu Salamah he awoke saying: 
“There is no movement or power except from Allah.” 
“What makes you say that?” asked Lady Umm Salamah. 
He replied: “Because an army will come from the direction of Iraq 
to seize a man from Al Medina whom Allah protects. 
When they reach the desert in the direction of Dhi Hulayfah the ground will swallow them up. 
Those that are on top cannot reach those beneath, and those beneath cannot reach those on top 
up until the Day of Judgement. Their motivations are different.” 
Lady Umm Salamah then asked: “O Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, 


how is it that they will be swallowed up although their motives are different?”  He replied: “Among them are those that have been coerced to join.” 

This Hadith was reported by Anas and is found in the references of Ibn Majah, Al Busiri and Al Bazaar. 

34. “At the end of my nation a Caliph will scatter wealth without count.” 
When the second narrator, Abi Nadrah, was asked if this referred to Caliph Omar Abdul Aziz, he replied:

R. The Coming of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him

35. “Jesus, the son of Mary, peace be upon him, 
will descend when the prince is Al Mahdi and Al Mahdi will say to Jesus: 
“Come, lead us in prayer.” 
But he will decline saying:
“You are princes over each other which is the Favor of Allah to this nation.” 
“A group from my nation will keep fighting for the truth until Jesus, the son of Mary descends at dawn in the Mosque of Jerusalem.
He will approach Al Mahdi who will say:
“O Prophet of Allah, come, lead us in prayer.” 
But he will decline saying:
“This nation has princes over each other.” 

The two preceding Hadiths were reported by Jabir, son of Abdullah, and are found in the references of Muslim, Abu Nuaym, Abu Amru Ad-Dani and Al Bazaar. 

36. “If only one day remains in the world, Allah will send a man with a name like mine.  His manners will be likened to my manners.” 

S. The Tyranny of Kings 

37. “Woe to this nation from the dictatorship of kings!
Why do they kill and make pious people fear except those who obey them, 
and the pure believer soothes them with his tongue but resists them with his heart? 
If Allah wishes to revive Islam in might 
He will break the back of every stubborn tyrant — He is Able to do anything and can reform the
nation after its corruption.
O Hudhayfah, if there remains but one day left in the world 
Allah will prolong that day until a man from the Family of my House will govern 
and fierce battles will be in his hands, and Islam will spread. 
Allah does not change His Promise and He is quick to recompense.”

T. Description of Al Mahdi 

38. “Al Mahdi is a man from my children. 
His face is like a glittering star, his skin is the color of an Arab, 
and his body is like that of Israel. 
He will fill the earth with justice just as it will have been filled by injustice, 
and the dwellers of Heaven and Earth will be pleased with his Caliphate.”

  39. “Al Mahdi is a man from my children his color is that of the Arab, and his body is like that of
Israel. On his right cheek there is a mole that glitters like a star.”

40. “Al Mahdi will glance to the side as Jesus, the son of Mary descendswith water dripping from his hair. 
So Al Mahdi will say to him: “Come forward and lead the people in prayer.” 
But he will answer: “The Call to Prayer has been made for you to lead.” 
So he will pray behind a man from my children.”

U. The Worst Creation of Allah

41. “There will be a battle at Az Zawra which is a city in the east among rivers. 
It is inhabited by the worst creations of Allah and the tyrant of my nation. 
It will be subjected to four kinds of chastisement — the sword, swallowing-up, missiles, and

V. Battles

42. “When the dark people come after the Arabs they will be defeated 
and thrown into the lowest part of the earth. 
While these circumstances exist, As-Sufyani will come with three hundred and sixty riders until
he reaches Damascus. 
After a month, he will be followed by thirty-thousand from Kalb, so he will send an army to Iraq
and kill a hundred thousand in Az-Zawra.
Then they will go to Kufa and pillage. 
When this occurs a banner will come from the east led by a man from Tamim called Shuayb, the
son of Salih who will restore what is in their hands from the captured people of Kufa and he will
kill them. 
Then, another army from As-Sufyani will go to Al Medina and pillage it for three days and
thereafter proceed towards Mecca until they find themselves in a desert. 
Then, Allah will send Gabriel and say to him, “Chastise them!” 
So he will beat them with his leg once and Allah will cause them to be swallowed up. 
None will remain except two men who will return to As-Sufyani to inform him
of the swallowing-up of his army, but this will not scare him. 
Several men from the Koraysh will escape to Constantinople and As-Sufyani will send to the
leader of the Romans who will return them to him and he will slit their throats together with their
At that time a voice will come from Heaven saying: 
“O people, surely Allah prevents dictatorship, tyrants and their followers 
for you and gives leadership to the best of the nation of Muhammad. 
So join him in Mecca — he is Al Mahdi!” 
Then, Hudhayfah asked: “O Messenger of Allah, how shall we know him?” 
He replied: “He is a man from my children, 
he looks like the men from the children of Israel, upon him are two white cloaks with frayed
His face is like a colorful, glittering star,
upon his right cheek there is a black mole and he is forty years old.
Al Abdal and those looking like them will come to him from Syria. 
An-Nujaba will come to him from the dwellers of Egypt 
and groups of dwellers from the east, and those looking like them
until they all gather together in Mecca and so they will pledge their allegiance to him
between Al Rukn and Al Makam. 
Then he will direct himself towards Syria 

with Gabriel at his front and Michael at his middle 
and the dwellers of Heaven and Earth will be joyful because of him.
Water will be plentiful in his country and the river will be spread and treasures found. 
When he reaches Syria he will slay As-Sufyani under the tree, 
the branches of which grow in the direction of Lake Tiberias and he will kill Kalb. 
So the loser of that Day of Kalb is he who does not gain even a rein.” 
Hudhayfah asked: 
“O Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him,
how is it permitted to kill them when they believe in the Oneness?” 
The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, replied: 
“O Hudhayfah, they are at that time apostates, they claim that wine is permitted and do not pray.” 

The preceding Hadiths were narrated by Hudhayfah and are found in the references of Abu Nuaym, At-Tabarani, and Abu Amru Ad Dani. 

W. Caliphs, Princes, Kings and Tyrants 

43. “After me there will be caliphs, and after the caliphs, princes  and after princes, kings, and after kings, tyrants.  Then, a man from the Family of my House will come  and fill the earth with justice just as it had been filled with transgression.  Then, the Prince after him is Al Kahtani and by He who sent me with the Truth he is not lesser than him.”

This hadith was reported by Jabir, son of Majid As Sadafi in the references of At-Tabarani (in his large dictionary), Ibn Mandah, Abu Nuaym and Ibn Asakir. 

X. Al Hasan and Al Hussain 

44. “The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, said to his daughter, Lady Fatima, peace be upon her: “Our Prophet is the best of the Prophets and he is your father.  Our martyr is the best of the martyrs and he is your father’s uncle Hamza and amongst us is he that has two wings with which he will fly in Paradise wherever he wishes, and he is the son of your father’s uncle Jafar  and from us are the two subt of this nation — Al Hasan and Al Hussain, and they are your children, and from us is Al Mahdi.”

This Hadith was reported by Abi Ayyub Al Ansari in the reference of At-Tabarani. 

45. “A nation will not be destroyed when I am at their beginning,
and Jesus, the son of Mary, is at its end and Al Mahdi is in the middle.” 
In an another narration: 
“And Al Mahdi from my House at its middle.” 

Reported by Ibn Abbas in the references of Abu Nuaym, Al Hakim and Ibn Asakir 

Y. When the Desert Swallows the Army 

46. “People will come from the east to seize a man by the House. When they are in the desert of the earth it will swallow them

and when those who were delayed reach it the same thing will happen to them.” 
Lady Ummu Habibah asked: “O Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him,
what about those who were coerced into joining them?” 
He replied: “What happened to the others will happen to them also, 
then Allah will assemble each one according to his intention.” 

Reported by Lady Ummu Habibah, peace be upon her, and found in the reference of At-Tabarini. 

Z. When Medina Shakes Thrice 

47. “The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, spoke to us 
mentioning the false messiah until he said: 
“… Al Medina and its people will shiver thrice,
so that neither female or male hypocrite remain (therein) and they will go to him (the false
It (Al Medina) will cast out its dirt as a fire casts rust from iron and this day will be called “The
Day of Salvation.” 
Umm Sharik inquired: “Where will the Arabs be on that day?” 
He replied: “There will be a few on that day, most of them will be in the House of Jerusalem
and their leader, Al Mahdi, is a good man. 
When he steps forward to lead them in the Dawn prayer, Jesus, the son of Mary will descend
during that time 
so the Imam will step backward in order for Jesus to come forward but he will say to him: 
“Go forward and pray, because it has indeed been established for you.” 
So he will lead them in prayer as an Imam.

Reported by Ibn Abi Umamah Al Bahili and found in the references of At-Tabarani, Ibn Khuzaymah, Abu Awanah, Al Hakim, Abu Nuaym, and Al Rawyani. 

AA. When Pilgrims will be Robbed

48. “In the month of Dhil Kidah, the tribes will start to fight and pilgrims will be robbed. 
There will be a fierce battle at Minan until their companion escapes 
and he will be pledged allegiance between Al Rukn and Al Makam whilst he dislikes it. 
The allegiance will be pledged by the same number of fighters at Badr 
and the inhabitants of the Heaven and Earth will be pleased with him.”

Reported by Abdullah son of Amru and found in the references of Al Hakim, Nuaym ibn Hammad’s book Al Fitan.

49. The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, said to Lady Fatima, peace be upon her,
”Bear good tidings, Al Mahdi is from you.”

Reported by Imam Al Hussain, son of Ali and Lady Fatima, peace be upon them in Ibn Asakir’s reference.

AB. The Hidden Treasures of Antioch 

50. I said, “O Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him,
I have never seen a Roman city like the city of Antioch and I have never seen more rain than it has.”
Whereupon the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, said:  
“Yes, that is because the Torah, Staff of Moses, 
Tablets, and the Table of Solomon, the son of David are in its caves. 
There is not a single cloud that comes from any direction to it that does not pour its blessing in
that valley.
And the days and night will not pass until a man from my musked children live in it. 
His name is like my name and his father’s name is like my father’s name; 
his manners are like my manners. 
He will fill the world with fairness and justice just as it had been filled by harm and

Reported by Tamin Ad-Dari, in the reference of Ibn Hibban Ad-Du’fa. 

AC. Pure, Musked Children

51. “Al Mahdi is a man from my pure, musked children. 
He will fight with the guidance of my Sunnah as I fought with the guidance of the Revelation.”

AD. The March Against Al Mahdi

52. “Wandering is for the people of my nation who aim to the House trying to seize a man from the Koraysh that is supported by the House until they reach a desert and are swallowed up.”  We asked: “O Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, the road gathers different people.” Whereupon he replied: “Yes, among them are the weak sighted  walking, looking around them, and those that are forced as well as those having no home.  They will be destroyed in one way and assembled in different places  and Allah will resurrect them according to their intentions.”

These two Hadiths were reported by Lady Ayesha, wife of the Prophet, Mother of the Believers, may Allah be pleased with her, and found in the references of Bukhari, Muslim and Nuaym ibn Hammad and Abu Ya’li. 

AE. Facial Description of Al Mahdi

53. “Surely, Allah will send from my pure musked children a man with evenly spaced teeth and a
high forehead, 
and he will fill the earth with justice and wealth with overflow.”

Reported by Abd Ar Rahman ibn Awf in the reference of Abu Nuaym 

AF. The Youth from Tamimi

                        54. The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, was among a group of migrants and
Ali, the son of Abi Talib was on his left side and Abbas on his right side
when Abbas and a man from the supporters started to debate with one another.
The supporter spoke harshly to Abbas,
then the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, took the hand of Abbas and the hand of Ali and

                        “From the loins of this (indicating to Abbas)  will come a youth who will fill the earth with transgression and injustice  and from the loins of this (indicating to Ali) a man who will fill the earth with fairness and justice. If you see this pay attention to the Tamimi youth who will come  from the direction of the east — he is the owner of the Banner of Al Mahdi.” 

2.                  55. “Al Mahdi will come upon his Banner and the herald will proclaim:  “This is Al Mahdi, the Caliph of Allah so follow him!”


These two Hadiths were reported by Abdullah, the son of Omar ibn Al Khattab and found in the references of At-Tabarani, Abu Nuaym, Al Kidji and Al Khatib. 

AG. The Trial

56. “It will be a trial when one side moves and the other does not, and when that side moves  the other does not until a herald will cry from the Heaven  “Your Prince is so and so!” (referring to Al Mahdi). 

Reported by Talha ibn Ubayd and found in the reference of At-Tabarani.

AH. Some of the Prophet’s Last Words to Lady Fatima 

57. I entered to (visit) the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, 
during his last illness before he died and found Fatima, peace be upon her, near his head crying. 
The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, raised his eyes to (look at) her and asked: 
“O Fatima, what makes you cry?” 
She replied: “I fear the loss after you.”
Whereupon he said: “Don’t you know that Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified looked to the earth
once and chose your father and sent him with His Message, then He looked once to the earth and
chose your husband and revealed to me that I should let you marry him? 
O Fatima, we are the Dwellers of a House 
and Allah has given us seven merits which He never gave to anyone else before … 
By He who sends me with the Truth, amongst both of them is Al Mahdi of this nation. 
When life is full of murder and strife, and trials increase, 
and roads are blocked (by thieves), and people start attacking one another, 
and when the elderly show no mercy to the young, and the young show no mercy to the elderly, 
Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified will send from them at the end of time
one who will open the fortress of error and open hearts that have been sealed
and repair the Religion as I established it in the beginning of time. 
And he will fill the world with justice just as it will have been filled by oppression.”

Reported by Ali, son of Ali Al Hillali and found in the reference of Abu Nuaym.

AI. Seventy-three Sects 

58. “How will you be O Awf when this nation is divided into seventy-three sects. 
One sect will be in Paradise and the rest in Hell.” 
I asked: “When will this be O Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him.” 
He answered saying: “When the police increase and slave girls take authority,

and when the lambs (weak authorities) sit on the pulpit, 
and when the Koran is used as flutes and mosques decorated and the spoils of war manipulated, 
and the obligatory charity becomes an excessive debt, and trust is taken like spoils of war,
and religious study is not for the Sake of Allah 
and when husbands obey their wives, and disobeys his mother, and banishes his father, 
and the last of this nation curses the beginning of it, and when the tribe is mastered by a deviator, 
and the leader of the nation is the worst of them and a man is treated generously to avoid his evil. 
Upon that day it will happen and men will run to Syria 
to the City of Damascus, which is one of the best cities in Syria that protects them from their
enemy …”  
I asked: “Will Syria be opened?” 
He answered: “Yes, soon then after its opening the trials will start and a dark and dusty trial will
Trials will follow one another until a man from the Family of my House called Al Mahdi comes. 
If you reach him, follow him and be among those who are guided.”

Reported by Awf ibn Malik Al Ashja’l in the reference of At Tabarani 

AJ. The Purified Soul 

59. “Surely, Al Mahdi will not come until the purified soul has been killed. 
When this occurs those in the Heaven and those on Earth will be angry.
So people will come in a procession to Al Mahdi;
like the procession of a bride to her husband on their wedding night, 
and he will fill the earth with fairness and justice
and the earth will produce its plants and the heaven will pour its rain 
and my nation will enjoy his government and favors never before enjoyed.”

Reported by a companion who informed Mujahid and found in the reference of Ibn Abi Shaybah 


A. Black Banners

60. “The Black Banners will come from the East for the children of Al Abbas. 
Then there will remain whatsoever Allah wishes. 
Then, small Black Banners will come to fight a man from the children of Abu Sufyan from the
They will give their allegiance to Al Mahdi.”

This Hadith/Mursal was reported by Said ibn Al Musayyab in the reference of Nuaym ibn Hammad.

61. “Allah will send a Black Banner from the East, and Allah will give victory to whosoever supports it. Whosoever does not support it, Allah will forsake them until they come to a man whose name is like my name  and give him the power of their affairs, and so Allah will support him and give him victory.”

This Hadith/Mursal was reported by Al Hasan Al Basri in the reference of Nuaym ibn Hammad. 

62. “Al Mahdi will leave Mecca to go to Medina. The people will bring him out from their midst and pledge allegiance to him between Al Ruhkn and Al Makam while he dislikes it.”

This Hadith/Mursal was reported by Katadah in the reference of Nuaym ibn Hammad. 

B. Time of Al Mahdi’s Appearance

63. “During Ramadan there will be a sound, 
in Shawwal there will be a hum, 
in Dhi Kidah tribes will fight, 
in Dhi Hijjah pilgrims will be robbed, 
and in Al Muharram a herald will call from Heaven. 
“Attention! Surely, the choice from His creation is so and so (referring to Al Mahdi) 
so hear him and obey!” 

64. “During Ramadan there will be a sound, 
in Shawwal there will be a hum, 
in Dhi Kidah tribes will fight. 
In that year pilgrims will be robbed, 
and there will be a fierce battle in Minan with myriad of murders,
blood will flow there until their blood flows over Al Jamrah 
and their companion escapes and stands between Al Rukn and Al Makam
where he is pledged allegiance whilst he dislikes it.
And it is said to him: 
“If you refuse we will slit your throat, and the inhabitants of Heaven and Earth will be pleased
with him.” 


This Hadith/Mursal was reported by Shahr ibn Hawshab  in the reference of Nuaym ibn Hammad and Abu Amru Ad-Dani. 

65. “Al Kahtani is not lesser than Al Mahdi.”

This Hadith/Mursal was reported by Mamar in the reference of Nuaym ibn Hammad. 

The Narrations of Imam Ali and several Companions of the Holy Prophet praise and peace be upon him concerning Al Mahdi

The following narrations were reported via Imam Ali, may Allah honor his face.

A. Masterin Paradise

1. One day as Imam Ali looked at his son, Al Hussain, (peace be upon them) he said:

“Surely, this my son is a Master as the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, has named him.
From his loins comes a man whose name is like the name of your Prophet.
He is similar to him in manner and will fill the earth with justice.” 

B. Al Harth

2. The Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, said: 
“A man called Al Harth will come from beyond the river. 
At his front is a man called Mansoor who will pave 
and establish the government for the family of Muhammad just 
as the Koraysh established it for the Messenger of Allah praise and peace be upon him. 
It is obligatory for all believers to support him or he said obey him.” 

C. Arrival of Al Mahdi

3. Muhammad, the son of Al Hanafiyyah said: 
“We were with Ali, peace be upon him, when a man asked him about Al Mahdi.
Imam Ali, may Allah honor his face said: ‘But oh!’ 
Then joined his hands and counted seven fingers as he said: 
“He comes at the end of Time when men (hypocrites) say that Allah has been killed! 
Then Allah will gather the scattered nation for him like the scattered clouds, 
and Allah will arbitrate between their hearts so that they do not feel lonely, 
nor will they be happy if someone joins them. Their number is like that of the people of Badr. 
Neither those who are at the beginning overtake them, nor those who are at the end reach them. 
And their number is the same as Talmut’s companions those who crossed the river with him.”

D. Four Trials

4. Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said: 
“The trials are four: 
the trial of happiness, the trial of harm, the trial of gold, 
then, a man will come from the pure musked children of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, 
and Allah will repair their affairs upon his hand.”

E. Anxiousness for Al Mahdi

5. Imam Ali,  peace be upon him, said: 
“After a herald proclaims from Heaven that the Truth is in the Family of Muhammad 
that is the time in which Al Mahdi will appear upon the lips of people. 
They will drink his love and their talk is only about him.”

F. The Gate of Istakhr 

6. Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said: 
“The horses  of As-Sufyani will go to Kufa, and he will send his army against the dwellers of Khurasan. 
(At that time) the people of Khurasan will demand Al Mahdi. 
He that meets with Al Hashimi with the Black Banners at his front is Shuayb, the son of Salih 
who will engage As-Sufyani at the Gate of Istakhr — between them there will be a tremendously fierce
battle and the Black Banners will win, but the horses of As-Sufyani will escape.
It is at that time that the people will wish for Al Mahdi, because they need him.”

G. Ar Rufaka and Al Abdal 

7. Imam Ali, may Allah honor his face, said: 
“When he from the Family of Muhammad comes 
Allah will gather dwellers from the East and West for him, just as autumn clouds gather.

As for Ar-Rufaka, he will come from the dwellers of Kufa and Al Abdal will come from the dwellers of Syria.”

H. Trials

8. “Surely, a man from my children will come near the Hour (at a time) when the hearts of believers died just as their bodies died through harm, hunger, murder, continuous trials, great battles, the death of the Sunnah, the revival of innovations, abstention from honoring good and forbidding the prohibited that pursued them.  Then, through Al Mahdi, Muhammad the son of Abdullah, Allah will revive the Sunnah that died  and he will please with his justice, and the hearts of the believers will be blessed.  Groups of Persian and Arab tribes will unite because of him, and so he will remain for some years, which are but a few, then die.”

I. Al Talakan

9. “Good for Al Talakan!  Surely, for Allah in it are treasures, not of gold or silver but men who know Allah through truthful knowledge  and they will support Al Mahdi at the end of Time.”

J. The Birth Place of Al Mahdi 

10. “The birth-place of Al Mahdi will be in Medina. 
He is from the family of the House of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, 
and his migration is to the House of Jerusalem.
His beard is thick, his eyes naturally mascaraed, his teeth are radiant and upon his face is a mole 
and upon his shoulder is the Sign of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him. 
And he will come out under the Banner of the Prophet made from a marked woolen black square 
that will not have been unfolded since the Messenger, praise and peace be upon him, 
and it will not be unfolded until Al Mahdi comes. 
Allah will support him with three thousand angels who will beat the faces and buttocks of those that oppose
He will be sent between the age of thirty and forty.”

K. The Black Banners 

11. “When the Black Banners are aimed at As-Sufyani and the people of Shuayb, the son of Salih, long for and search for Al Mahdi he will emerge from Mecca 
and with him will be the Banner of the Messenger, praise and peace be upon him. 
He will pray two units of prayer after the people have given up hope of his coming 
during the lengthy period of their trials 
and when he finishes his prayer he will go to them and say:
“O people, continuous trails came to the nation of Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, 
especially to the Family of his House — you have been conquered and wronged.”

12. “Al Mahdi is a man from us, from the children of Fatima, peace be upon her.”

L. The False Messiah 

13. “At the end of Time there will be a trial in which people will be sorted in a similar way 
to that in which gold is sorted from metal.” 

14. “Therefore do not rebuke the people of Syria rather, rebuke the evil people among them, 
because amongst them are Al Abdal. 
Allah will send a flood from Heaven that will disperse their groups in a way 


that if foxes were to attack them they would be victorious.
Then Allah will send a man from the perfumed musked children of the Messenger, praise and peace be
upon him,
amongst approximately twelve and fifteen thousand under three banners
and their password is ‘Die, die!’ 
And they will be fought by the people of seven banners under each is a man seeking the kingdom. 
They will be killed, defeated, then Al Hashimi will appear, so Allah will restore unity and favors to the
and this will be the case until al-dajjal (the lying, false messiah) comes.”

M. The Slaying of Muslims at Kufa 

15. “As-Sufyani will overcome Syria, then between them there will be a battle in Kurkisa 
until the birds of the air are filled and the savage animals of the earth are filled from their
Then, an opening will occur at their rear, and a group will come from them until they enter the
land of Khurasan. 
The horses of As-Sufyani will come demanding the people of Khurasan, 
and they will slay the followers of the Family of Muhammad in Kufa, 
then the people of Khurasan will come seeking Al Mahdi.”

N. The Sign of the Coming of Al Mahdi 

16. Abdullah, son of Amru said: 
“When the army is swallowed up in the desert, it is the sign of the coming of Al Mahdi”

O. A Man from the children of Hasan 

17. He also said:“A man from the children of Hasan will come from the East, 
if he faces the mountains he will destroy them making a passage through them.”

P. Murder on the Pilgrimage 

18. To the people on pilgrimage standing on Arafat without an imam, 
a burning desire will come as they remain in Minan.
The tribes will revolt against each other and they will kill each other until their blood flows on Al
Then the best of them will go when the alarm is raised
and they will reach him when his face is touching the stone of Al Ka’ba 
and it seems to me as if he is tearful, and they will say to him: 
“Come to us so that we can give you our allegiance!” 
But he will reply:
“Woe to you, how many promises did you break and how much blood did you shed!” 
So, he is given allegiance under duress. 
Therefore, if you reach him, pledge your allegiance to him, 
because, surely, he is Al Mahdi in the Earth and Al Mahdi in the Heaven.”

Q. Shuayb, the son of Salih

19. Ammar, the son of Yasir, may Allah be pleased with both of them, said:  “The bearer of the Banner of Al Mahdi is Shuayb, the son of Salih.”

R. As-Sufyani and Kufa 

20. He also said:“When As-Sufyani reaches Kufa 
and kills the supporters of the family of Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him,
Al Mahdi will come and the bearer of his Banner will be Shuayb, the son of Salih.”

S. Four People from the House 

21. Abdullah, the son of Abbas, may Allah be pleased with both of them, said to Mujahid: 
“If I had not heard that you are like the people of this House I would never tell you this.” 
Whereupon Mujahid said:
“It is surely in secret, I will not mention it to someone you hate.”
So ibn Abbas told him: 
“There are four people from the House, from us is As-Saffah, and from us Al Mundhir, 
and from us Al Mansoor, and from us is Al Mahdi.” 
So Mujahid said: 
“Clarify these four for me.” 
He answered: “As for As-Saffah, perhaps he will kill his supporters and forgive his enemy.
Al Mundhir will give away plenty of wealth, he will be humble and keep but a little of his rights. 
Al Mansoor, will be given victory over his enemy
and part of what was given to the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him,
and that is that his enemies were frightened away from him the traveling distance of two months, 
whereas the enemy of Al Mansoor will be frightened away from him the traveling distance of one
Al Mahdi will fill the earth with justice just as it has been filled with transgression –
­livestock and foxes will live together peacefully. 
And the earth will bring forth that which is hidden from its depths — they look like cylinders of
gold or silver.” 

T. When Constantinople is Opened 

22. As-Sudayy said when explaining the Word of Allah: 
“For them in the world is ignominy …”
“As for their ignominy in the world, it is that when Al Mahdi comes and Constantinople is
opened they will be killed — this is the ignominy. 
As for the great chastisement, it is the chastisement of Gehenna (Hell) 
that is neither reduced for its people nor will the vanish or die.” 

23. It was said to Hudhayfah: 
“Al Mahdi has already come!” 
Whereupon he replied:
“You will be successful if he comes while the companions of Muhammad are among you. 
Indeed, he will not come until there is no one absent that is more beloved to people than he 
on account of the evil they face.”


U. Prophet Jesus and Al Mahdi 

24. Ibn Siriin said: 
“Al Mahdi is from this nation and he will lead (in prayer) Jesus, the son of Mary – peace be upon
both of them.”

V. The Eclipse of the Sun and the Moon in Ramadan

25. Muhammad, the son of Ali said: 
“For Al Mahdi there are two signs that have never before existed 
since Allah created the Heaven and Earth. 
The moon will eclipse on the first night of Ramadan,
and the sun will eclipse during its middle — this has never occurred since Allah created the
Heavens and Earth.” 

W. Upon Finding Al Mahdi 

26. Ibn Masood said: “When commerce and roads are blocked and trials increase, seven knowledgeable people will
from different directions without previous appointment. 
Each will receive the allegiance of over three hundred men until they meet in Mecca. 
The seven will meet and asked one another; 
“What brought you here?”
They will reply: 
“In Search of the man upon whose hand the trials will be calmed, and for whom Constantinople
will be opened.
We know him by his name, his father’s name, his mother’s name, and his army.” 
So the seven will agree upon this and search for him then find him in Mecca. 
So they will ask him: 
“Are you so and so, son of so and so?”
He will reply:
“No, I am a man from the supporters.” 
And escape from them, so they will describe him to people in their midst 
that are both righteous and knowledgeable and it will be said to them:  
“The one whom you seek was in your company, and he will go to Al Medina.” 
So they will search for him in Al Medina but at that time he will be in Mecca. 
So they will search for him in Mecca and say to him: 
“You are so and so, son of so and so, and your mother is so and so, daughter of so and so, 
and in you are the signs of such and such, and such and such. 
You escaped from us once so stretch out your hands and we will pledge our allegiance to you.” 
So he will say: ‘I am not your companion.’ 
Then he will escape from them so they will search for him in Al Medina when he has returned to
Mecca, then they will find him in Mecca beside Al Rukn and say to him: 
‘Our sins will be upon you and our blood upon your neck 
if you do not stretch out your hand so that we may pledge our allegiance!’ 
The army of As-Sufyani is coming demanding us in which there is a man from Jurm. 
So he will sit between Al Rukn and Al Makam and stretch out his hand and allegiance will be
pledged to him.
So, Allah will sow love of him in the chests of the people and he will lead a nation 
that are lions during the day and worshippers at night.” 

X. The Black Banners

27. Muhammad, son of Al Hanaffia, said:  “The Black Banners will come out for the children of Al Abbas. The other black banners will come from Khurasan. Their turbans will be black and their clothes white. At their front will be a man named Shuayb, the son of Salih, from Tamim.  They will defeat the companions of As-Sufyani until he comes to the House of Jerusalem where he will establish his power for Al Mahdi, and he will be supplied with three hundred (men) from Syria after his arrival  and the matter will be settled for Al Mahdi in seventy-two months.”

Y. The Black Banners in Kufa

28. Hammad, the son of Abi Jafar, said: 
“The Black Banners that come from Khurasan will arrive in Kufa, 
so when Al Mahdi appears in Mecca their allegiance will be sent to him.”

Z. A Youth with a thin, yellowish beard 

29. Ka’b, the son of Alkamah said: 
“In front of the Banner of Al Mahdi will come a youth whose beard is yellowish and thin. 
If he fights the mountains will destroy them until he reaches Alya’.”

AA. The Battle in Medina

30. Abu Hurayrah said:  “A battle in Medina will occur until the stones of oil are flooded (with blood), and Al Hirrah will be so small — like a strike of a truncheon. Then people will go two miles outside Medina and give their allegiance to Al Mahdi.”

AB. Death of As-Sufyani

31. Muhammad, son of Al Haniffia said: 
“Al Mahdi, As-Sufyani and Kalb will fight in the House of Jerusalem after the allegiance has
been given.
As-Sufyani will be captured and slain at the gate of Ar Rahbah.” 

AC. The Children of Lady Fatima, peace be upon them

32. Kitadah said: 
“I asked Sa’id, son of Al Musayyab: Is Al Mahdi a truth?” 
He replied: “Yes,”
I asked: “Who is he from?” He replied: “From the children of Fatima, peace be upon her.” 

AD. As-Sufyani

33. Al Walid, son of Muslim, said: 
“Al Mahdi will not come until As-Sufyani is established.”

34. Abdullah, the son of  Shuraykh, said: 
“With Al Mahdi is the marked Banner of the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him.” 


AE. The Marked Banner  AF. The Personality of Al Mahdi 

35. Tawus said:“The sign of Al Mahdi is that he will be strict with his staff, 
generous with wealth and merciful to the servile.”

36. Ibn Abbas said: 
“Al Mahdi is from us, the people of the House, and he is a youth.”
So it was said to him: “Your elderly people are not capable of aspiring to this so now you wish
for your youth.”
He answered: “Allah does whatever He wants.” 


AG. The Humility of Al Mahdi 

37. Az-Zuhriy said: 
“From the children of Fatima, Al Mahdi will be taken out against his desire from Mecca and
given allegiance.”

AH. Disbelief in Allah

38. Matar Al Warrak said:“Al Mahdi will not come until disbelief in Allah will be expressed openly.” 

AI. Al Rukn and Al Makam

39. Abu Hurayrah said: 
“Al Mahdi will be given allegiance between Al Rukn and Al Makam.”

AJ. Safety after the trial 

40. Katadah said:“Al Mahdi is the best of people. The people that give their support and allegiance are the dwellers of Al Kufa, Yemen and Al Abdal of Syria.  At his front is Gabriel, at his middle is Michael and he is loved throughout creation. With him Allah extinguishes the blind trial and the land will feel secure, and a woman can travel (for pilgrimage) amongst five ladies with no man among them, fearing nothing except Allah, and the land will bring forth its produce, and the Heaven will give its blessing.” 

AK. The Four Thousand Men of Shuayb, the son of Salih

41. Al Hasan Al Basri said: “A man of medium stature will come from Ar-Ray (a far-eastern town). He will be dark and from the children of Tamim — a Wasaj, named Shuayb son of Salih with four thousand men. Their clothes will be white and Banners black, and at his front is Al Mahdi. He meets no one that he does not defeat and scatter.”

42. When Omar, the son of Abdul Aziz was mentioned to Matar Al Warrak, he said:
“It has reached us that Al Mahdi will do something that Omar, son of Abdul Aziz never did.” 
So it was asked: “What is that?”
He replied: “A man will come to him asking and so he will tell him to enter the treasure house
and take.
So he will enter then come out but when he sees the people 
he will have regrets and return saying: “Take what you have given me.” 
But he will be declined with the words: ‘We give, but we do not take back.’ 

43. Hakim, the son of Sa’d said: 
“When Sulayman came and showed what he had 
I asked my father, Abi Yahya: “Is this Al Mahdi who is mentioned?” 
He replied: “No.”

44. Ibrahim, the son of Maysarah said: 
“I asked Tawwus: ‘Is Omar, son of Abdul Aziz is Al Mahdi?” 
He replied: “He is guided, but he is not Al Mahdi and he has not completed all the (aspects of)

45. Abi Jafar, Muhammad, the son of Ali, son of Al Hussain said: 
“They claim that I am Al Mahdi, surely I am closer to my end to that which they are calling me.”


AL. Abundance of Wealth AM. When a man sleeps as a believer and wakes as an unbeliever 

46. Al Hakam, the son of Utaybah said: “I said to Muhammad, the son of Ali,  we heard that a man will come from you who will be the judge of this nation.” He replied: “We wish what the people wish  and hope if there does not remain from the world but a day that Allah will prolong that day  until the wishes of the nation have come to pass, but before this is a trial which is the worst of trials. Man will sleep as a believer but wake as an unbeliever and wake as a believer but go to sleep as an unbeliever.”

AN. Justice 

47. Jafar, the son of Yasar said:“Al Mahdi will return the wrongly possessed goods in a way that he will extract even the slightest
thing that is under a molar to return it.”

48. Khalid, the son of Samir said: 
“Musa, the son of Talha, son of Ubaydillah escaped from Al Mukhtar to the City of Basra 
when people believed him to be Al Mahdi.”


From this statement and the foregoing reported by Muhammad, son of Ali, we understand that the matter of Al Mahdi was a well known topic and discussed during the first generation. 

AO. Muhammad, the son of Ajlan

49. Malik, the son of Anas said: 
“When Abdullah, the son of Hasan left Medina, Muhammad, the son of Ajlan accompanied him.

After Abdullah had been killed and Jafar, the son of Sulayman 
took over Medina he sent for Muhammad, the son of Ajlan. 
When he was brought before him he (Jafar) mocked him and spoke harshly saying: 
“You went with that liar!”
But Muhammad, the son of Ajlan did not utter a word except by the inaudible movement of his
so they assumed he was supplicating.
The jurists and honorable people attending Jafar, the son of Sulayman stood saying: 
“May Allah reform the prince, Muhammad, the son of Ajlan, the jurist of Medina and His
It seems he was confused and thought himself to be the Mahdi 
referred to in the narrations and they kept questioning him until he left them. 
But Muhammad, the son of Ajlan left without uttering a word.” 

There are other statements transmitted via another group of companions and their followers together with their followers, and their followers concerning Al Mahdi, but we decided not to mention them in this book as that which has been mentioned suffices. 


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Bab III : Lima Puluh Enam Buah Keterangan Daripada Tabiin dan Tabiit Tabiin

1. Seruan Dari Langit

“Nama Al-Mahdi akan dipanggil-panggil dari arah langit.”

2. Satu Tanda Pada Matahari

“Al-Mahdi tidak akan muncul sebelum muncul suatu tanda pada matahari.”

3. Dua Tanda Keluarnya Al-Mahdi

“Bagi Al-Mahdi ada dua tanda, sesuatu yang belum pernah berlaku kepada sesiapa pun sejak Allah menciptakan langit dan umi. Kedua-dua tanda itu ialah bulan yang memancarkan cahaya merah pada awal bulan Ramadan dan matahari memancarkan cahaya merah pada pertengahan bulan Ramadan.”

4. Panji-panji Hitam

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi muncul, Panji-panji Hitam akan berkibar dan baju pasukannya berwarna putih di bawah pimpinan Syuaib bin Saleh at-Tamimi. Mereka menyerang pasukan As-Sufyani. Akhirnya dia sampai ke Baitulmaqdis lalu menyerahkan kekuasaan kepada Al-Mahdi. Jarak waktu antara penyerangan Syuaib dengan penyerahan kekuasaan kepada Al-Mahdi adalah 72 bulan.”

5. Panglima Perang Al-Mahdi

“Panglima perang Al-Mahdi adalah orang-orang yang paling terpilih. Penolong dan pembaiat Al-Mahdi adalah penduduk Kufah, Yaman dan para wali abdal dari negeri Syam. Yang berada di hadapan Al-Mahdi adalah malaikat Jibil dan Mikail AS. Dia dicintai oleh para makhluk, kepemimpinannya mampu menyelesaikan bencana yang menjadi-jadi. Penduduk bumi berasa amat tenteram sehingga lima orang perempuan dapat menunaikan ibadat haji tanpa seorang muhrim pun. Mereka ini tidak takut sedikit pun melainkan kepada Allah.”

6. Keterangan Al-Mahdi Dalam Kitab-kitab Rasul Terdahulu

“Tertulis di dalam kitab para nabi bahawa Al-Mahdi adalah orang yang tidak pernah melakukan kezaliman dan tidak mempunyai kesalahan.”

7. Penaklukan-penaklukannya

“Al-Mahdi mengibarkan panji-panji ke Turki lalu menundukkan penduduknya. Dia mengambil harta yang ada di wilayah itu lantas bergerak menuju ke Syam dan menundukkan penduduknya. Kemudian dia memerdekakan setiap hamba dan membayar harga tebusan bagi setiap hamba tersebut.”

8. Keadaan Umat Manusia yang Berada Dalam Wilayah Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi berada di tengah-tengah umat Islam selama 39 tahun. Ketika itu yang kecil berkata, “Aduhai, aku seperti orang dewasa.” Dan orang dewasa pula berkata, “Aduhai, aku seperti budak kecil lagi.”

9. Masa Hidup Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi hidup selama 40 tahun.”

10. Masa Kepmimpinannya

“Al-Mahdi hidup selama 30 tahun.”

11. Masa Hayat Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi hidup selama 14 tahun.”

12. Tempat Meninggalnya

“Al-Mahdi hidup selama 40 tahun dan meninggal dunia di atas tempat tidurnya.”

13. Manusia Mendatangi Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi didatangi oleh orang ramai di rumahnya. Ketika itu manusia sedang ditimpa pembunuhan. Dia dipanggil, “Ke marilah kamu!” Dia menolak sehingga diancam akan dibunuh. Pada ketika itulah dia bangkit untuk menyelamatkan manusia. Setelah itu tidak ada lagi pembunuhan.”

14. Tahun Kemunculan Al-Mahdi

“Umat manusia akan berkumpul pada tahun 1204.”

15. Panglima Al-Mahdi

“Yang akan membawa bendera Al-Mahdi adalah seorang lelaki yang muda usia. Dia berjanggut nipis dan berkulit kuning. Sekiranya dia menggempur gunung, nescaya gunung itu hancur rata dipukulnya hingga mereka sampai ke bandar Ilyak.”

16. Terbunuhnya Raja-raja

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, raja Syam terbunuh, raja Mesir terbunuh, bangsa Syam menawan kabilah dari Mesir, seorang lelaki dari Timur berangkat mengibarkan Panji-panji Hitam yang menurut satu riwayat adalah berbangsa Syam, dan dialah yang akan menyerahkan kekuatannya kepada Al-Mahdi.”

17. Penguasa Afrika dan Keadilannya

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, pemerintah Afrika berkuasa selama dua belas tahun. Kemudian dia dikuasai oleh seorang lelaki yang berkulit coklat, yang keadilannya meratai seluruh Afrika. Kemudian dia berangkat menuju Al-Mahdi untuk menyerahkan kekuatannya dan berperang untuk Al-Mahdi.”

18. Panji-panji Hitam

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, ada Panji-panji Hitam yang berkibar dari Khurasan, sebuah wilayah di Kufah. Jika Al-Mahdi sudah berada di Makkah, pasukan ini akan dikirimkan ke Makkah.”

19. Tanda-tanda Keluarnya

“Tanda-tanda keluarnya Al-Mahdi adalah pupusnya kepemimpinan Bani Abbas, para pemegang bendera menambatkan kuda-kuda mereka pada pokok zaitun, runtuhnya pemerintahan Bani Jaafar dan Bani Abbas, As-Sufyani duduk di atas mimbar Damsyik dan pasukan Barbar menyerang pusat bandar Syam.”

20. Pasukan Tentera As-Sufyani

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, As-Sufyani mengerahkan pasukan tenteranya sampai ke kawasan di timur Khurasan dan Parsi. Mereka diperangi oleh penduduk Timur dan banyak yang terbunuh. Orang-orang Timur ini kemudian membaiat Al-Hasyimi yang tangan kanannya memegang bendera (pasukan). Allah memudahkan urusan dan jalannya. Kemudian dia keluar bersama-sama dengan lima ribu penduduk Khurasan di bawah pimpinan Syuaib bin Saleh at-Tamimi, seorang bekas hamba yang berkulit kuning, berjanggut nipis dan tidak (banyak) jambang. Sekiranya mereka melalui gunung, nescaya akan mereka hancurkannya. Mereka pun berhadapan dengan pasukan As-Sufyani, terus menggempurnya dan membunuh mereka dalam jumlah yang amat besar. Pasukan As-Sufyani bercerai-berai melarikan diri manakala As-Sufyani sendiri menghilang. Kemudian secara diam-diam At-Tamimi menuju ke Baitulmaqdis. Dalam perjalanannya menuju ke Syam, dia menyerahkan jemaahnya kepada Al-Hasyimi.”

“Ketika itu At-Tamimi berkata (kepada Al-Hasyimi), “Wahai anak pamanku, al-Mahdi akan berada di Makkah setelah kota Madinah runtuh.” Kemudian jika Al-Mahdi muncul, maka Al-Hasyimi juga muncul.”

21. Askar As-Sufyani Menuju Madinah

“As-Sufyani mengirimkan askarnya ke Madinah dan memerintahkan agar membunuh setiap orang daripada keturunan Bani Hasyim, kemudian mereka menyerangnya. Bani Hasyim akhirnya bercerai berai di gurun-gurun dan di gunung-gunung. Apabila Al-Mahdi muncul kelak, maka mereka ini akan (berjaya) dikumpulkan semula.”

22. Panji-panji Dari Barat

“Tanda-tanda munculnya Al-Mahdi ialah keluarnya Panji-panji dari Barat, yang di tengah-tengah panji itu terdapat seorang lelaki Kindah yang kakinya pincang.”

23. Tahun Kebangkitan Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi akan muncul pada tahun 200.”

24. Tanda yang Berbeza-beza Bagi Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi akan muncul di Makkah pada waktu Isyak dengan membawa panji-panji Rasulullah SAW. Baju besi dan pedangnya mempunyai tanda-tanda khusus, berkilauan dan bercahaya. Selepas mengerjakan sembahyang Isyak, dia pun naik ke atas mimbar dan berkhutbah dengan khutbah yang panjang, mengajak manusia supaya taat kepada Allah dan rasul-Nya. Bumi Hijaz akan diserahkan kepadanya, Bani Hasyim yang sedang berada di laut akan mendarat, Panji-panji Hitam dari Kufah dikirimkan untuknya dan askar-askarnya bertebaran ke seluruh penjuru alam.”

25. As-Sufyani Ditawan

“As-Sufyani ditawan dan dikirimkan kepada Al-Mahdi, kemudian diputuskan untuk dipancung di atas pintu Al-Rahabah. Kemudian wanita-wanita suku Kalb, iaitu paman As-Sufyani dan harta-harta rampasannya akan dijual di pingir-pinggir jalan di kota Damsyik.”

26. Tiba di Ilyak

“Apabila Al-Mahdi mendengar berita tentang terbenamnya pasukan tentera As-Sufyani di Al-Baidak, sedangkan dia ketika itu masih berada di Makkah, dia terus keluar bersama-sama 12 ribu orang tentera, yang di antaranya adalah para wali abdal, sehingga mereka sampai di Ilyak. Pada masa itu juga ketika As-Sufyani mendengar berita tersebut, dia bercadang mahu menyerah diri kepada Al-Mahdi tetapi dia dikecam oleh bapa saudaranya, Kalb. Kemudian dia menyerang Al-Mahdi dan terus ditangkap lalu Al-Mahdi berkata, “Inilah orang yang menentang perintahku!” Kemudian dia dihukum untuk disembelih di atas batu di Ilyak. Seterusnya Al-Mahdi mencari Kalb dan kemudian menghancurkannya.”

27. Gelap gelita

“Al-Mahdi tidak akan muncul sebelum kamu menyaksikan siang menjadi gelap-gelita.”

28. Pembunuhan Besar-besaran

“Al-Mahdi tidak akan muncul sebelum berlaku pembunuhan seramai tujuh daripada sembilan orang.”

29. Kekhusyukan Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi adalah seorang yang khusyuk kerana Allah seperti tenangnya sayap burung nasar.”

30. Ciri-ciri Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi adalah seorang yang nipis alis matanya lagi terpisah kedua-duanya, dan biji matanya besar. Dia keluar dari Hijaz dan berkhutbah di atas mimbar Damsyik, sedangkan umurnya baru mencapai 8 tahun.”

31. Al-Mahdi Muncul Selepas Peristiwa Sekumpulan Askar Ditelan Oleh Bumi

“… ketika itu juga akan terdengar satu seruan dari langit yang berbunyi, “Ketahuilah bahawa para wali Allah itu, mereka tidak pernah berasa takut dan tidak juga mereka itu bersedih hati.” (Surah Yunus : 62)”

32. As-Sufyani Masuk ke Kufah

“As-Sakhra (As-Sufyani) masuk ke Kufah lalu ada berita yang sampai kepadanya mengenai kedatangan Al-Mahdi. Dia lantas mengerahkan askarnya untuk menyerang Al-Mahdi. Mereka lantas ditelan oleh bumi sehingga tidak ada yang selamat melainkan seorang yang akan menyampaikan berita gembira kepada Al-Mahdi dan seorang lagi yang akan menyampaikan berita duka kepada s-Sufyani. Al-Mahdi lalu meninggalkan Makkah dan As-Sufyani bertolak pula, dan sama-sama menuju ke Syam. Kedua-dua pemimpin ini saling berduluan untuk sampai lebih dahulu ke Syam tetapi ternyatalah bahawa Aas-Sufyanilah yang sampai lebih awal. Lantas Al-Mahdi mengirimkan tenteranya untuk menyerang As-Sufyani. Kemudian As-Sufyani berbaiat kepada Al-Mahdi. Al-Mahdi terus pergi ke Baitulmaqdis untuk menetap di sana selama tiga tahun. Bersamaan pada waktu itu, Kalb membawa askar-askarnya keluar untuk membantu As-Sufyani, kemudian bergerak bersama-sama pasukan yang lain lagi sehingga mereka berhenti rehat di Yasan. Al-Mahdi pun segera menyerang pasukan gabungan ini dengan membawa bendera yang terbesar. Kalb dan isteri-isterinya melarikan diri sehingga anak­anak gadisnya ditangkap dan dijual dengan harga lapan dirham. Pada masa itu juga As-Sufyani berjaya ditangkap dan disembelih seperti menyembelih kambing di atas seketul batu besar yang membujur di atas tanah dekat gereja yang berada di lembah jurang di hujung jalan bukit Al-Qantarah di sebelah kanan.”

33. Seorang Lelaki Muncul Lalu Menyerang Rom

“Allah akan membangkitkan seorang lelaki yang akan memerangi Rom dan akan diberikan sepuluh keistimewaan.”

34. Peti Tabut

“Al-Mahdi akan mengeluarkan Peti Tabut dari bandar Antokiah.”

35. Panji-panji Rasulullah SAW

“Al-Mahdi akan membawa bendera Rasulullah SAW, lengkap dengan cap-capnya.”

36. Kata-kata Baiat

“Di atas kepala Al-Mahdi tertulis ucapan yang akan digunakan untuk baiat.”

37. Akhlak Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi adalah orang yang sangat banyak amal ibadatnya, sangat banyak pergaulannya dan sangat belas kasihan kepada orang-orang miskin.”

38. Binasanya Pemimpin yang Sesat

“Al-Mahdi tidak akan muncul sebelum para pemimpin yang sombong dibinasakan.”

39. Al-Hasyimi Menjadi Amir Sebelum Al-Mahdi

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, Al-Hasyimi akan menjadi penguasa. Tidak seorang pun daripada Bani Umaiyah yang ada melainkan pasti ditawan. Mereka kemudian dibebaskan, namun setiap orang akan membunuh dua orang lelaki daripada Bani Umaiyah sehingga tidak ada yang tinggal melainkan yang perempuan sahaja. Kemudian Al-Mahdi pun muncul.”

40. Terjadi Bencana Sebelum Al-Mahdi

“Alam ini akan mengalami bencana, suatu yang tidak berkesudahan, sehinggalah terdengar satu seruan dari langit, “Ketahuilah bahawasanya yang menjadi pemimpin kamu di dunia ini adalah si anu. Dialah pemimpin yang sejati.” Diulang-ulang sebanyak tiga kali”

41. Seruan Dari Langit

“Suara dari langit menyeru, “Sesungguhnya pemimpin yang sebenar adalah daripada keturunan Rasulullah SAW.” Pada ketika itu suara dari bumi menyebutkan, “Sesungguhnya pemimpin yang sebenar adalah daripada keturunan Nabi Isa.” Atau dia mengatakan “Al-Abbas.” Suara dari bumi itu adalah suara syaitan manakala seruan dari langit itu adalah Kalam Allah, dan seruan inilah yang menang.”

42. Lahirnya Puak-puak dan Berbeza-beza Pendapat

“Di dunia ini akan terjadi sikap berpuak-puak dan perbezaan pendapat, sehingga muncul suatu tangan dan seruan dari langit yang menyeru, “Ketahuilah, bahawasanya pemimpin kamu semua adalah si fulan.”

43. Suara Dari Langit

“Semasa Al-Mahdidan As-Sufyani bertembung dalam peperangan, akan terdengar suatu suara dari langit, “Ketahuilah, bahawa wali-wali Allah adalah kawan-kawan Al-Mahdi.”

44. Tanda-tanda Pada Hari Itu Juga

“Tanda-tanda pada hari itu adalah adanya tangan yang menjulur dari langit yang dapat dilihat oleh sekalian manusia.”

45. Komet (Bintang Berekor) Dari Arah Timur

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi muncul, terlihat di ufuk Timur sebiji bintang berekor (raksasa) yang memancarkan sinar.”

46. Gerhana Bulan

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi muncul, akan berlaku dua kali gerhana bulan pada bulan Ramadan.”

47. Mengembalikan Hak Orang yang Dizalimi

“Al-Mahdi dapat mengembalikan hak bagi orang yang pernah dizalimi, sehingga andainya di dalam mulut seseorang ada bekas ucapan yang digunakan untuk berbuat kezaliman, maka ucapannya itu akan dikoyak lalu ditampar kembali (ke muka orang yang berkata itu).”

48. Peti Tabut

“Peti Tabut dari Laut Tibriyah akan berada di tangan Al-Mahdi. Dia membawanya lalu diletakkan di Baitulmaqdis. Jika orang-orang Yahudi melihatnya, maka mereka akan masuk Islam melainkan sebilangan kecil sahaja.”

49. Tahun Kemunculan Al-Mahdi

“Orang biasa akan menjadi raja. Kemudian masalah-masalahnya akan bermunculan pada tahun 95 atau pada tahun 97. Lantas Al-Mahdi muncul sebagai pemimpin.”

50. Al-Mahdi dan Pemerintahan Bani Abbas

“Keadilan dan kemakmuran akan sentiasa wujud selagi pemerintahan Bani Abbas tidak jatuh. Kemudian dunia ini dipenuhi oleh bencana sehinggalah Al-Mahdi tampil memegang tampuk pemerintahan.”

51. Bendera Al-Mahdi

“Permulaan bendera yang dikibarkan oleh Al-Mahdi adalah perjalanannya menuju pembaiatannya di Turki.”

52. Kelaparan yang Dideritai Oleh Kaum Mukminin

“Dajjal mengepung para mukminin di Baitulmaqdis, menyebabkan mereka menanggung kelaparan yang amat sangat sehingga memakan belulang yang telah dibuat tali. Dalam keadaan seperti inilah tiba-tiba mereka mendengar satu suara pada akhir malam. Serentak mereka berkata, “Sungguh ini adalah suara seorang lelaki yang kenyang.” Kemudian mereka melihatnya. Tidak disangka-sangka dia adalah Isa bin Maryam. Sebentar lagi sembahyang subuh akan didirikan. Para pemimpin umat Islam mempersilakan Al-Mahdi untuk menjadi imam tetapi Al-Mahdi mempersilakan Nabi Isa. Kemudian Isa bertindak sebagai imam. Selepas itu dia menjadi imam sembahyang pada setiap waktu.”

53. Terbenamnya Pasukan Tentera di Kawasan Ghautah

“Al-Mahdi tidak akan muncul sehinggalah ad pasukan perang yang ditelan oleh bumi di kawasan Ghautah, yang bernama bandar Jirista.”

54. Suara yang Memanggil-manggil Nama Al-Mahdi

“Ada suara dari langit yang memanggil-manggil nama Al-Mahdi. Suara itu dapat didengar oleh setiap orang, sama ada yang berada di Timur ataupun di Barat, sehinggakan orang yang sedang tidur pun akan terjaga kerananya.”

55. Kostantinopel Ditakluk

“Semasa menundukkan Kostantinopel, Al-Mahdi memacakkan benderanya untuk berwuduk dan menunaikan sembahyang Subuh. Ketika itu di hadapan Al-Mahdi terbentang lautan yang luas. Dia pun mencari jalan untuk melintasi lautan tersebut. Akhirnya dia menemukan di sekitar itu juga, lalu memacakkan benderanya (di situ pula). Kemudian ada satu suara menyeru, “Wahai umat manusia, melintaslah. Sesungguhnya Allah Azzawajalla membelah laut ini seperti Dia membelahkan untuk Bani Israel.” Lantas mereka melintasinya sehingga sampai di hadapan Kostantinopel. Mereka pun bertakbir, maka runtuhlah satu sudut pertahanan Kostantinopel. Mereka bertakbir lagi, maka runtuh lagi, dan bertakbir lagi lantas runtuh pula sekitar dua belas ketumbukan pertahanan (Rom).”

56. India Ditakluk

“Pemerintah Baitulmaqdis iaitu Al-Mahdi mengirimkan askarnya ke India. Mereka berjaya menundukkannya dan mengambil harta simpanannya. Harta ini kemudian digunakan untuk menghiasi Baitulmaqdis. Raja India ini menghadapinya bermati-matian, namun dengan mudah pula dikalahkan. Akhirnya Al-Mahdi menguasai kawasan sepanjang Timur dan Barat.”

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Bab II : Tiga Puluh Sembilan Buah Keterangan Daripada Para Sahabat RA

1. Bencana yang Terjadi Sebelum Al-Mahdi

“Sebelum muncul Al-Mahdi, ada bencana yang membinasakan umat manusia. Kamu semua jangan mencela penduduk Syam, kerana merekalah yang menerima bencana tersebut. Demikian (berlaku) kerana para wali abdal adalah lahir daripada mereka. Bencana tersebut antaranya berupa hujan lebat yang menenggelamkan manusia, sehingga andainya mereka berhadapan dengan segerombolan musang sahaja, nescaya mereka akan dikalahkan. Setelah itu Allah memunculkan Al-Mahdi yang berada di tengah-tengah pasukan yang minimumnya berjumlah 12,000 orang atau maksimumnya 15,000 orang.”

2. Berarak Menuju Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi tidak akan muncul sebelum seorang nafsuz zakiyah terbunuh. Apabila nafsuz zakiyah ini terbunuh, maka penduduk langit dan bumi menjadi marah. Kemudian manusia mendatangi Al-Mahdi dengan berjalan pantas seperti cepatnya jalan pengantin lelaki menuju pengantin perempuan.”

3. Menghalalkan yang Haram

“Al-Mahdi tidak akan muncul sebelum terjadinya suatu masa semua perkara yang haram dianggap halal. Kemudian dia diserahkan jawatan khalifah, yang pada ketika itu dia sedang berada di dalam rumahnya dan dia adalah sebaik-baik penduduk bumi.”

4. Tanda-tanda Kemunculannya

“Tanda-tanda kemunculan Al-Mahdi adalah terjadinya sekumpulan tentera yang ditelan oleh bumi di Al-Baidak.”

5. Keluar Askar Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi berserta askarnya akan muncul dari Timur. Seandainya gunung menjadi penghalang, nescaya gunung itu akan dihancurkan sehingga rata menjadi jalan.”

6. Sebahagia-bahagia Umat Pada Zaman Al-Mahdi

“Sebahagia-bahagia umat pada zaman Al-Mahdi adalah bangsa Kufah.”

7. Beberapa Tanda Bagi Al-Mahdi

“Tanda-tanda kemunculan Al-Mahdi adalah jika harta pusaka melimpah, pemimpin-pemimpin yang mengumpulkan harta telah mati, setelah itu digantikan oleh seorang lelaki yang lemah yang kemudian dipecat semula setelah dua tahun diangkat, ada sekumpulan tentera yang ditelan oleh bumi di barat Damsyik, munculnya tiga belas orang tokoh di Syam, keluar penduduk Barat ke Mesir, yang semuanya ini berlaku pada zaman pemerintahan As-Sufyani.”

8. Suara Hatif

“Apabila ada seruan dari langit, “Sesungguhnya kebenaran berada di pangkuan Keluarga Nabi Muhammad SAW,” maka pada ketika itu Al-Mahdi mulai gempar diperkatakan orang. Lantas umat manusia beransur-ansur mencintai Al-Mahdi. Seterusnya tidak ada orang lain lagi yang disebut-sebut oleh mereka melainkan Al-Mahdi.”

9. Muncul Panji-panji Hitam Menyerang As-Sufyani

“Panji-panji Hitam keluar lalu menyerang As-Sufyani. Di tengah-tengah pasukan itu ada Pemuda Bani Hasyim yang di tangan kirinya berkiba bendera pasukan itu, manakala di hadapannya adalah Syuaib bin Saleh at-Tamimi.”

10. Angkatan Laut As-Sufyani

“Sebelum muncul Al-Mahdi, pasukan berkuda As-Sufyani menyerang Kufah dan penduduk Khurasan keluar mencari Al-Mahdi. Kemudian penduduk Khurasan bertemu dengan pasukan Al-Hasyimi di tengah-tengah Panji-panji Hitam yang dipimpin oleh Syuaib bin Saleh. Penduduk Khurasan lantas bertemu dengan pasukan As-Sufyani di kawasan yag berbatu, dan terus berlaku pertempuran sengit. Dalam pertempuran itu, yang terhebat adalah pasukan Panji-panji Hitam, manakalaa pasukan As-Sufyani melarikan diri. Pada ketika itu umat manusia amat berharap dapat menemui Al-Mahdi dan terus mencarinya.”

11. Keluar Seorang Lelaki Daripada Keluarga Nabi SAW

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, ada seorang lelaki dari kalangan Ahlulbait keluar di Timur, seraya menyandang pedang di atas bahunya selama lapan belas tahun. Dia membunuh, mengamuk dan menuju ke Baitulmaqdis. Namun dia mati sebelum sempat sampai ke sana.”

12. Madinah Hancur Binasa

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, di Madinah terjadi pertempuran yang mengakibatkan hancurnya Madinah. Darah yang mengalir daripadanya sampai di kawasan Ahjaruz Zait dan Ma al-Hirrah. Bandar tersebut terletak lebih kurang 44 batu dari Madinah. Kemudian Al-Mahdi dibaiat.”

13. Tenggelamnya Tentera di Al-Baidak

“Penguasa Madinah mengirimkan tentera kepada Al-Hasyimi di Makkah. Tentera ini kemudian mengusir penduduk Makkah. Peristiwa ini didengar oleh khalifah di Syam, iaitu As-Sufyani daripada keturunan Abu Sufian bin Harb. Seterusnya As-Sufyani mengirimkan pasukan ke Makkah. Dalam perjalanan itu, mereka singgah di Al-Baidak yang pada waktu itu kebetulan bulan penuh. Kemudian ada seorang penyeru yang memerhatikan (ketibaan) pasukan itu berkata, “Aduh, celakalah kamu semua penduduk Makkah kerana kedatangan pasukan ini.” Dia terus pergi dan datang lagi ke tempat itu. Tetapi dia tidak nampak lagi pasukan tadi. Dia lantas bertasbih, “Subhanallah, mereka telah berangkat sebentar tadi.” Lalu dia meneruskan perjalanannya. Di sana dia menemui pasukan tadi dalam keadaan tertimbus separuh badan. Dia bercadang mahu membantu tetapi tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa. Akhirnya dia meklum bahawa pasukan tadi telah ditelan oleh bumi. Dia bergegas masuk ke Makkah untuk menyampaikan berita tersebut. Mendengar berita ini, penduduk Makkah mengucapkan alhamdulillah, kemudian berkata, “Inilah tanda yang kita tunggu-tunggu.” Lantas mereka pergi menuju ke Syam.”

14. Pelaksanaan Pembaiatan Al-Mahdi

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi muncul, perdagangan-perdagangan akan terhenti, jalan-jalan terputus dan banyak berlaku bencana. Setelah itu ada tujuh buah panji-panji daripada tujuh buah pasukan, secara kebetulan sama-sama mencari Al-Mahdi. Dari setiap kelompok itu ada sekitar 33 – 39 orang yang berjanji untuk menemukan Al-Mahdi. Mereka dan pasukan terus mencari dan akhirnya menjumpai Al-Mahdi di Makkah. Sebahagian daripada mereka ada yang bertanya kepada yang lain, “Apa perlunya kita datang ke sini?” Sebahagian yang lain menjawab, “Kita datang untuk mencari orang yang layak diserahkan tugas untuk mengakhiri bencana-bencana ini dan yang akan menakluk Kostantinopel.” Sambung mereka, “Kami telah mengetahui namanya, nama ayah dan nama ibunya serta pasukan perangnya.” Mereka terus mencari dan akhirnya bertemu di Makkah. Mereka menegur, “Engkau adalah si fulan bin si fulan.” Tetapi Al-Mahdi menafikannya dan lari ke Madinah. Kemudian dia balik semula ke Makkah, yang pada masa itu mereka sedang berkeliaran di sekeliling Hajar Aswad. Lalu pasukan­pasukan itu berkata, “Dosa-dosa kami berada di tanganmu, jiwa kamu berada di pundakmu, maka hulurkanlah tanganmu untuk kami baiat sebab tentera As-Sufyani sudah kelihatan menuju ke sini untuk menyembelih kami.” Seorang lelaki dari Tanah Suci tadi lantas duduk di antara Hajar Aswad dan Maqam Ibrahim lalu menghulurkan tangannya dn terus dibaiat. Di sinilah Allah mempertemukan kekasih-Nya dengan umat manusia yang kemudian mereka berjalan bersama-sama. Mereka ini amat berani pada waktu siang dan amat ditakuti pada waktu malam.”

15. Munculnya Al-Hasyimi Sebelum Al-Mahdi

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, Al-Hasyimi keluar untuk berperang selama 18 bulan. Dia akan menuju Baitulmaqdis tetapi tidak sampai ke sana. Serentak dengan itu, As-Sufyani mengirimkan pasukannya untuk menyerang Al-Mahdi tetapi mereka ditelan oleh bumi di Al-Baidak. Peristiwa ini sampai kepada penduduk Syam. Mereka kemudian berkata kepada khalifahnya, “Berbaiatlah engkau kepada Al-Mahdi. Jika tidak maka kamu akan kami bunuh!” Kemudian khalifah ini memberikan baiatnya kepada Al-Mahdi. Al-Mahdi lantas berjalan hingga sampai ke Baitulmaqdis. Maka bangsa Arab, Ajam, pasukan-pasukan perang, bangsa Rom dan lain-lain menyerah kepada Al-Mahdi tanpa peperangan. Kemudian masjid-masjid dibangunkan di Kostantinopel dan di tempat-tempat lain.”

16. Tempat Lahirnya

“Al-Mahdi lahir di Madinah.”

17. Tempat Hijrahnya

“Tempat hijrahnya adalah Baitulmaqdis.”

18. Janggut Al-Mahdi

“Dia berjanggut tebal tetapi tidak begitu lebat.”

19. Kedua-dua Belah Matanya

“Kedua-dua pelupuk matanya kelihatan bercelak.”

20. Gigi Seri Al-Mahdi

“Gigi seri Al-Mahdi kelihatan bersinar.”

21. Wajah Al-Mahdi

“Pipi Al-Mahdi ada bertahi lalat.”

22. Tanda Pada Bahu Al-Mahdi

“Pada bahu Al-Mahdi terdapat cap kenabian Nabi Muhammad SAW.”

23. Bendera Nabi Muhammad SAW

“Al-Mahdi akan keluar dengan membawa bendera seperti bendera Nabi SAW, iaitu tidak berjahit, berwarna hitam dan lebar yang tidak berkibar lagi sejak kewafatan Nabi SW sehinggalah muncul Al-Mahdi.”

24. Dikawal Malaikat

“Allah menugaskan malaikat sebanyak tiga ribu untuk mengawal Al-Mahdi seraya memukul orang-orang yang memusuhi dan menentang Al-Mahdi.”

25. Usia Pelantikan Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi diutus ketika dia berumur antara 30 hingga 40 tahun.”

26. Kulit Al-Mahdi

“Kulit Al-Mahdi berwarna coklat (sawo matang).”

27. Seorang yang Bernama Al-Hasyimi

“Al-Hasyimi menyerahkan kekhalifahan kepada Isa bin Maryam AS.”

28. Bencana yang Terjadi Sebelum Al-Mahdi

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, terjadi banyak bencana. Kemudian sekumpulan orang berkumpul di hadapan seorang lelaki keturunan Ali KMW, yang mana lelaki ini pada sisi Allah dinyatakan tidak mempunyai dosa. Dia akan membunuh atau terbunuh. Kemudian Al-Mahdi pun muncul.”

29. Pelaksanaan Pembaiatan Al-Mahdi

“Orang ramai pergi menunaikan haji, mereka berwukuf di Arafah tanpa seorang imam pun, lantas di Mina berlaku pemberontakan dan mereka dibunuh beramai-ramai di sana sehingga darah-darahna mengalir dari (Jamrah) Aqabah. Mereka lantas meminta pertolongan kepada seorang yang mulia. Mereka mendatanginya yang pada waktu itu sedang menyandarkan mukanya ke Kaabah sambil menangis. Mereka lantas berkata, “Ke marilah supaya kami membaiatmu.” Dia menjawab, “Celaka kamu semua ini, berapa banyak perjanjian yang telah kamu mungkiri dan berapa banyak darah yang telah kamu tumpahkan.” Kemudian dengan secara terpaksa dia dibaiat. Jika kamu semua menemuinya, maka berbaiatlah. Sesungguhnya dia adalah Al-Mahdi di bumi dan Al-Mahdi di langit.”

30. Bilangan Pasukan Badar

“Al-Mahdi melangkah menuju sejumlah pasukan Badar daripada penduduk Syam. Oleh penduduk Syam itu, dia dibawa keluar dari kota Makkah, iaitu dari sebuah rumah dekat Safa, kemudian dengan terpaksa dia dibaiat. Kemudian mereka bersembahyang dua rakaat berjemaah di sisi Maqam Ibrahim, lalu dia naik ke atas mimbar untuk berkhutbah.”

31. Tempat Membaiatnya

“Al-Mahdi dibaiat di antara Hajar Aswad dengan Maqam Ibrahim, yang mana pelaksanaannya tidak sampai membangkitkan orang yang sedang tidur dan tidak pula sampai menunpahkan darah.”

32. Tempat Keluarnya

“Al-Mahdi akan keluar dari Makkah dengan membawa bendera Rasulullah SAW.”

33. Al-Mahdi dan Harta yang Diperoleh Daripada Baitullah

“Al-Mahdi akan membahagi-bahagikan senjata dan harta yang diperolehnya daripada Baitullah untuk jihad fi sabilillah. Rasulullah SAW menjelaskan kepada Umar RA tentang Al-Mahdi, “Aku tidak tahu apakah aku akan menyimpan harta dan senjata tadi atau akan membahagi-bahagikannya.”

“Tinggalkanlah bangsa Habsyi apabila mereka meninggalkan kamu kerana sesungguhnya harta simpanan Kaabah itu tidak akan dapat dikeluarkan melainkan dengan dua kekuatan.”

34. Masa Pemerintahannya

“Al-Mahdi akan memerintah selama 30 atau 40 tahun.”

35. Galian Bumi

“Pada zaman Al-Mahdi, bumi akan mengeluarkan galian-galiannya yng berharga seperti gumpalan­gumpalan emas dan perak.”

36. Lagi Tanda-tanda Al-Mahdi

“Ada suatu tanda yang dituntut daripada Al-Mahdi. Lantas dia memberi isyarat kepada burung, maka burung itu hinggap di atas tangannya. Kemudian Al-Mahdi memacakkan tongkatnya, lantas tongkat itu menghijau dan berdaun.”

37. Menakluki Benteng Rom

“Seluruh pertahanan Rom dan bandar-bandarnya akan ditawan oleh Al-Mahdi dengan mengumandangkan tahlil dan takbir.”

38. Tersebar Perdamaian di Hampir Seluruh Dunia

“Pada zaman Al-Mahdi nanti, kambing dan serigala digembala sekali, kanak-kanak bermain dengan ular dan kala jengking, yang mana ular dan kala jengking ini tidak membahayakan sama sekali. Manusia akan menanam satu mud benih dan akan memetik 700 mud buahnya. Riba, perzinaan dan minuman keras hapus terus. Umat manusia berumur panjang, amanah-amanah ditunaikan, hal-hal yang keji lenyap dan orang-orang yang bencikan keluarga Nabi SAW habis binasa.”

39. Menghapuskan Bidaah dan Menegakkan Sunnah

“Pada zaman Al-Mahdi nanti, tidak ada lagi bidaah melainkan dihapuskan dan tidak akan ada sunnah melainkan ditegakkan. Dia akan menundukkan Kostantinopel, China dan Jabal ad-Dailam. Dia akan menguasai kawasan tadi selama tujuh tahun, yang mana satu tahun pada waktu itu nanti sama panjang dengan dua puluh tahun pada waktu sekarang. Kemudian Allah akan melakukan apa sahaja yang Dia kehendaki.”

LAMPIRAN 1 (A) August 31, 2007

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Berikut adalah salinan hadis-hadis yang diambil daripada kitab Al-Qaulul Muhtasar Fi Alamatil Mahdiyul Muntazar, karangan ulama besar Ahlus Sunnah, Imam Abul Abbas Ahmad bin Muhammad Badruddin bin Hajar Al-Haitami al-Makki al-Ansari (909H – 974H). Beliau lahir di Bandar Haitmam, Mesir dan meninggal dunia di Bandar Dahwan. Kitab karangannya yang terkenal berjumlah 88 buah yang meliputi pelbagai bidang ilmu, sesuai dengan kedudukannya yang tinggi sebagai ulama besar.

Kitab ini adalah sebuah kitab yang agak nipis, memandangkan beliau hanya memasukkan hadis, tanpa sebarang huraian yang panjang lebar. Di dalam bahasa Arabnya, kitab ini pernah dicetak sebanyak dua kali, kedua-duanya oleh Darul Kutub al-Misriyah. Cetakan pertama bernombor daftar 2921, setebal 19 muka surat manakala cetakan kedua bernombor daftar 2393, setebal 46 muka surat. Semasa membuat rujukan ini, penulis menggunakan kitab yang dicetak pada kali kedua itu.

Kitab beliau ini dinyatakannya dengan memasukkan hadis-hadis yang terlepas daripada unsur Jahalah (tidak dikenal rawinya) dan Tughah (rawi yang tercela). Selain itu, beliau telah memasukkan isi sebahagian kitab susunan ulama kenamaan yang lain, guna memperkuatkan hujah terhadap hadis­hadisnya. Penulis telah meringkaskan kitab ini dengan hanya memasukkan hadis-hadisnya sahaja, membuang sanad dan rawi-rawinya, kerana memandangkan bahawa sedutan kitab ini adalah untuk bahagian lampiran sahaja.


Sabda Nabi SAW,
“Al-Mahdi adalah dari keturunan Al-Abbas RA, bapa saudaraku.”

Sabda Nabi SAW,
“Ingatlah wahai pamanku, bahawa aku membawa khabar gembira buatmu. Sesungguhnya keturunan
paman adalah orang-orang yang suci, daripadamu akan lahir Al-Mahdi pada akhir zaman nanti,
dengannya Allah akan menebarkan hidayah dan menghancurkan kesesatan. Sesungguhnya Allah
memulakan (agama) ini denganku dan akan menutupnya dengan keturunanmu.”

Sabda Nabi SAW,
“Ingatlah, bahawa aku membawa khabar gembira buatmu wahai Abul Fadhal (Al-Abbas RA).
Sesungguhnya Allah memulakan agama ini denganku dan akan menutupnya dengan keturunanmu.”

Doa Nabi SAW,
“Ya Allah, tolonglah Al-Abbas dan anak-anak keturunan Al-Abbas (tiga kali). Wahai paman,
ketahuilah bahawa Al-Mahdi itu adalah dari keturunanmu, yang menyayangi dan disayangi itu.”

Sabda Nabi SAW,
“Kekhalifahan (umat) ini akan sentiasa berada pada keturunan pamanku, yakni Al-Abbas sehingga
mereka menyerahkannya kepada Dajjal.”

Sabda Nabi SAW,
“Wahai Abbas, engkaulah pamanku, saudara kandung bapaku, dan sebaik-baik orang yang menjadi
khalifah selepasku, daripada keturunanku. Selepas tahun 135 (Hijrah) nanti, maka kekhalifahan adalah
untukmu dan anak-anak (keturunan) kamu, yang antaranya adalah As-Saffah, Al-Mansur dan Al-

Sabda Nabi SAW,
“Wahai paman, ketahuilah bahawa aku memberitahukanmu bahawa Allah memulakan agama ini
denganku dan menutupnya dengan keturunanmu.”

Bab 1 Enam Puluh Dua Buah Hadis Nabi SAW Tentang Tanda-tanda dan Keistimewaan Al-Mahdi

1. Daripada Ahlulbait

“Al-Mahdi adalah daripada Ahlulbait.”

2. Daripada Keturunan Al-Hasan bin Ali RA

“Al-Mahdi adalah dari keturunan Al-Hasan bin Ali.”

“Demi Allah yang mengutusku sebagai nabi yang benar, sesungguhnya daripada kedua-duanya (keturunan Al-Hasan dan Al-Husain RA), akan lahir Al-Mahdi untuk umat ini.”

3. Nama Al-Mahdi Adalah Muhammad

“Sesungguhnya nama yang digunakan oleh Al-Mahdi adalah Muhammad.”

4. Nama Ayahnya

“Nama ayah Al-Mahdi adalah seperti nama ayah Nabi SAW.”

5. Perawakannya

“Dia berdahi lebar, berhidung mancung dan giginya berjarak.”

6. Masa Pemerintahannya

“”Dia akan memerintah selama tujuh tahun.”

7. Perubahan Situasi Dunia

“Situasi dunia akan dipenuhi keadilan dan kebenaran, seperti sebelumnya yang dipenuhi dengan kezaliman dan penindasan.”

8. Keredaan Seluruh Makhluk

“Penghuni bumi dan penghuni langit semuanya reda terhadap pemerintahan Al-Mahdi.”

9. Perbezaan Pendapat dan Gempa Bumi Dahsyat

“Al-Mahdi akan muncul ketika suasana seluruh dunia dipenuhi oleh perbezaan pendapat dan bumi digoncang oleh gempa yang dahsyat.”

10. Keadilannya Semasa Membahagi-bahagikan Harta

“Al-Mahdi akan membahagi-bahagikan harta secara adil dan merata kepada umat manusia.”

11. Al-Mahdi dan Hati Umat Muhammad SAW

“Al-Mahdi akan membuatkan hati umat Muhammad SAW kaya-raya.”

12. Keadilan Al-Mahdi

“Keadilan Al-Mahdi meratai seluruh umat. Beliau beramal sesuai dengan sunnah Nabi sehingga beliau menyuruh orang untuk menyeru, “Sesiapa yang berkehendakkan bantuan, datanglah kepadaku.” Kemudian tidak ada yang datang kepadanya melainkan seorang lelaki sahaja.”

13. Pembaiatan Al-Mahdi

“Perselisihan terjadi semasa kmatian seorang khalifah. Al-Mahdi yang merupakan seorang penduduk Madinah melarikan diri ke Makkah. Kemudian dia didatangi oleh penduduk Makkah dan diusir, namun dia enggan. Lantas penduduk Makkah membaiatnya di antara Hajar Aswad dengan Makam Ibrahim.”

14. Pasukan Daripada Syam

“Setelah dibaiat, datanglah pasukan dari arah Syam, tetapi pasukan ini ditelan bumi di suatu padang (pasir) dekat Zul Hulaifah.”

15. Kesejahteraan Umat Pada Zaman Al-Mahdi

“Pada zaman Al-Mahdi, seluruh umat sama ada ang taat mahupun yang jahat, akan hidup sejahtera, iaitu suatu kesejahteraan yang belum pernah dinikmati sebelumnya. Langit menurunkan hujan yang lebat, yang pada setiap titisannya menumbuhkan tumbuh-tumbuhan dan setiap tumbuh-tumbuhan mendatangkan keuntungan.”

16. Panji-panji Hitam

“Al-Mahdi akan datang setelah muncul Panji-panji Hitam dari arah Timur, yang pasukan ini sentiasa tidak pernah kalah dengan pasukan mana pun.”

17. Penyerahan Kuasa

“Orang ramai dari Timur akan muncul, kemudian menyerahkan kekuasaan kepada Al-Mahdi.”

18. Panji-panji Hitam Dari Khurasan

“Panji-panji Hitam keluar dari Khurasan, sementara itu kawan-kawan Al-Mahdi keluar menuju ke Baitulmaqdis.”

19. Masa Pemerintahannya

“Al-Mahdi akan memerintah selama tujuh tahun atau lapan tahun. Jika lebih, maka hanya akan bertambah satu tahun sahaja.”

20. Pasukan Dari Iraq

“Pasukan daripada Iraq keluar mencari seorang lelaki dari Madinah, iaitu Al-Mahdi. Kemudian Allah menyelamatkan Al-Mahdi daripada kejaran pasukan ini. Ketika mereka melintasi suatu padang di Zul Hulaifah, mereka akan ditelan bumi sehingga yang di atas sampai hari kiamat.”

21. Penguasaan Al-Mahdi Terhadap Harta Benda

“Al-Mahdi akan mendapatkan harta benda dengan mudah dan tidak terkira-kira banyaknya.”

22. Seruan Dari Langit

“Pada kemudian kelak, akan terjadi bencana di mana orang yang berada di sebelahnya tidak menyedarinya melainkan dia sendiri turut tertimpa bersama-sama sehingga datang penyeru dari langit yang berkata, “Sesungguhnya pemerintah kamu semua adalah si fulan (maksudnya Al-Mahdi).”

23. Serban Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi akan muncul dan dia selalu memakai serban di kepalanya. Di atas serban itu ada suara yang menyeru, “Inilah dia Al-Mahdi, khalifah Allah. Maka taatilah dia.”

24. Malaikat yang Mendampingi Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi akan muncul dan di atas kepalanya ada malaikat yang menyeru, “Inilah Al-Mahdi. Oleh itu, ikutilah dia.”

25. Al-Mahdi Sebagai Penutup Agama

“Dengan Al-Mahdi, Allah akan menutup agama ini, seperti Dia mengawalinya dengan Nabi Muhammad SAW.”

26. Pembaiatan Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi akan dibaiat di antara Hajar Aswad dengan Makam Ibrahim oleh sejumlah orang yang mengikuti Perang Badar. Kemudian datang sekelompok orang dari Iraq dan para Wali Abdal dari penduduk Syam untuk berikrar kepadanya. Dan akan datang pula pasukan dari Syam yang kemudiannya ditelan bumi di Al-Baidak dekat Zul Hulaifah. Semua mereka itu binasa melainkan si pembawa berita sahaja.” Dalam satu riwayat disebutkan bahawa jumlahnya adalah dua orang, iaitu seorang akan menyampaikan berita tersebut kepada Al-Mahdi manakala yang seorang lagi menyampaikannya kepada As-Sufyani. Menurut riwayat yang lain lagi, kedua-dua mereka menyampaikan berita tersebut kepada As-Sufyani.”

27. Bilangan Orang yang Membaiat Al-Mahdi

“Tiga ratus empat belas orang yang antaranya adalah perempuan akan bergabung dengan Al-Mahdi, bertindak ke atas setiap pemimpin yang berbuat zalim dan menzahirkan keadilan seperti yang diharap-harapkan oleh semua orang. Lalu dia memerintah selama tujuh tahun. Setelah itu tiada lagi kebaikan di muka bumi ini ang melebihi kebaikan pada masa Al-Mahdi.”

28. Pembawa Bendera Al-Mahdi

“Pembawa bendera Al-Mahdi adalah seorang lelaki dari suku Tamim yang datang dari Timur.”

29. Baitulmaqdis

“Al-Mahdi akan singgah di Baitulmaqdis.”

30. Kembalinya Umat Manusia Ke Jalan yang Benar

“Al-Mahdi akan memerangi umat manusia sehingga mereka kembali ke jalan yang benar.”

31. Penguasaan Al-Mahdi Terhadap Harta

“Pada akhir umatku nanti akan muncul seorang khalifah yang amat mudah mendapatkan harta dengan jumlah yang tidak terkira banyaknya.”

32. Kemakmuran yang Diberikan Oleh Al-Mahdi Untuk Penduduk Dunia

“Al-Mahdi akan datang di tengah-tengah umatku, dia dilahirkan oleh Allah untuk menjadikan umatku kaya, menyebabkan umatku hidup sejahtera, binatang ternakan mereka amat biak, tumbuh-tumbuhan amat banyak dan akan membahagi-bahagikan harta benda kepada umat manusia secara saksama.”

33. Ciri-ciri al-Mahdi

“Sungguh Allah akan melahirkan seorang lelaki dari keturunanku yang giginya berjarak, dahinya lebar, keadilannya meliputi seluruh alam dan akan mendapatkan harta benda dengan melimpah ruah.”

34. Nama, Perawakan, Akhlak dan Kuniyahnya

“Nama yang digunakan oleh Al-Mahdi adalah namaku, perawakannya seperti perawakanku, akhlaknya seperti akhlakku dan kuniyahnya adalah Abu Abdillah.”

35. Panji-panji Hitam

“Jika kamu semua melihat Panji-panji Hitam datang dari arah Khurasan, maka sambutlah walaupun kamu terpaksa merangkak di atas salji kerana sesungguhnya di tengah-tengah Panji-panji itu ada Khalifah Allah yang mendapat petunjuk.”

36. Terjadinya Bencana

“Al-Mahdi akan lahir pada akhir zaman, ketika melandanya bencana, dan pemberian Al-Mahdi adalah amat bererti (menyenangkan).”

37. Terjadinya Perang Besar

“Seandainya umur dunia ini tinggal satu hari sahaja lagi, nescaya Allah akan memanjangkannya sehingga Dia mengangkat seorang Amir dari keturunanku, yang mana perang besar akan terjadi semasa pemerintahannya, dan Islamlah yang akan menang. Allah tidak pernah mengingkari janji-Nya dan amat cepat pula hisab-Nya.”

38. Kemenangannya

“Al-Mahdi akan menundukkan Kostantinopel dan Jabal ad-Dailam.”

39. Keadilannya Meratai Penjuru Dunia

“Keadilan Al-Mahdi meratai seluruh alam. Kemudian dia diangkat menjadi Amir di Al-Qahtani. Demi Zat yang mengutusku dengan sebenarnya, dia tidak ada yang (akan dapat) mengalahkannya.”

40. Nabi Isa AS Bersembahyang di Belakang Imam Mahdi

“Isa bin Maryam AS akan turun dan bersembahyang di belakang Al-Mahdi.”

41. Turunnya Nabi Isa AS dan Pemberitahuannya Akan Kekhalifahan Al-Mahdi

“Isa bin Maryam akan turun dan memberitahu tentang kekhalifahan Al-Mahdi. Apabila diminta untuk menjadi imam, maka Nabi Isa AS menjawab, “Tidak.” Lantas dia memberitahu, “Sesungguhnya di kalangan kamu ada pemimpin yang dimuliakan oleh Allah untuk umat ini.”

42. Al-Mahdi Sebagai Pertengahan Kurun

“Sesungguhnya Al-Mahdi hidup pada pertengahan kurun, manakala Nabi Isa AS hidup pada akhir zaman.”

43. Al-Mahdi Bersembahyang di Baitulmaqdis

“Ketika Al-Mahdi dan umat manusia yang berada di Baitulmaqdis mahu mengerjakan sembahyang subuh, tiba-tiba Isa bin Maryam AS turun. Kemudian Al-Mahdi mundur agar Isa bin Maryam AS ke hadapan untuk menjadi imam. Lantas Isa meletakkan kedua-dua belah tangannya di atas kedua-dua belah bahu Al-Mahdi seraya berkata, “Silakan maju dan jadi imamlah. Sesungguhnya sembahyang ini diiqamahkan untukmu.” Kemudian Al-Mahdi menjadi imam bagi para mukmin dan Nabi Isa AS.”

44. Al-Mahdi Menjadi Imam Sembahyang Bagi Nabi Isa AS

“Al-Mahdi memalingkan kepalanya ke kanan dan ke kiri, dan ketika itu Nabi Isa turun dari langit, laksana menitisnya air dari rambut Al-Mahdi. Lantas Al-Mahdi berkata, “Silalah ke depan dan jadi imamlah.” Nabi Isa AS menjawab, “Sesungguhnya sembahyang ini diiqamahkan untukmu.” Kemudian Nabi Isa AS bersembahyang di belakang seorang lelaki dari keturunanku.”

45. Umur Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi adalh dari anak keturunanku, dia berusia 40 tahun. Wajahnya bagaikan bintang yang bergemerlapan, pipi kanannya bertahi lalat hitam, kulitnya kemerah-merahan seolah-olah dia adalah dari keturunan Bani Israel, dia akan mengeluarkan harta karun dan akan menundukkan kota-kota maksiat.”

46. Pembaiatannya di Antara Hajar Aswad dengan Maqam Ibrahim

“Sebelum pembaiatan Al-Mahdi di antara Hajar dengan Maqam Ibrahim, ada kabilah yang menarik perhatian Al-Mahdi mengenai sikp dan pembunuhannya terhadap jemaah haji di Mina.”

47. Ciri-ciri Al-Mahdi

“Kulit Al-Mahdi seperti kulit orang Arab, bentuk tubuhnya seperti bentuk tubuh Bani Israel, pipi kanannya bertahi lalat dan kekhalifahannya diredai oleh seluruh penduduk bumi, penduduk langit dan burung-burung di angkasa.”

48. Al-Mahdi Muncul dari Kampung Kurjah

“Al-Mahdi akan keluar dari Kampung Kurjah.”

49. Jihad Al-Mahdi Dalam Menegakkan Agama

“Al-Mahdi akan menegakkan agama secara keseluruhan seperti yang telah ditegakkan oleh Nabi SAW semasa hayat baginda.”

50. Memerangi Romawi

“Al-Mahdi akan memerangi Rom selama tiga hari. Pada hari ketiga itulah Rom runtuh, kemudian menyerang Kostantinopel. Ketika mereka sedang membahagi-bahagikan emas di Kostantinopel dengan menggunakan perisai sebagai penyukatnya, tiba-tiba ada orang yang berteriak, “Sesungguhnya Dajjal telah menundukkan keluarga-keluarga kamu semua.”

51. Mengapa Umat Manusia Mengerumuni Al-Mahdi?

“Umat manusia mencari dan mengerumuni Al-Mahdi umpama lebah mengerumuni madunya. Keadilan Al-Mahdi meratai seluruh alam, seperti sebelumnya dunia ini dipenuhi dengan penyelewengan. Pada masa itu, umat manusia menjadi seperti semasa kecilnya, sentiasa bermain dan tidak pernah menumpahkan darah.”

52. Penguasaan Al-mahdi Terhadap Harta

“Al-Mahdi akan menguasai dunia seperti yang pernah dilakukan oleh Zulkarnain dan Nabi Sulaiman AS.”

53. Berkata-kata

“Al-Mahdi termasuk orang yang sukar bertutur kata.”

54. Apabila Sukar Bercakap

“Jika Al-Mahdi berasa payah berckap, maka dia menepuk pahanya yang di sebelah kiri dengan tangan kanannya.”

55. Peperangannya Berdasarkan Sunnah

“Al-Mahdi akan berperang berdasarkan sunnah, sama seperti Nabi SAW yang berperang berdasarkan wahyu.”

56. Hamba Allah yang Terpilih

“Al-Mahdi dizahirkan pada bulan Muharam dan ada satu suara yang menyeru dari langit, “Ketahuilah bahawa hamba Allah yang terpilih adalah si fulan, iaitu Al-mahdi. Oleh itu, dengarlah perintahnya dan taatilah dia.”

57. Munculnya As-Sufyani

“Sebelum Al-Mahdi, As-Sufyani muncul bersama-sama 360 pasukan berkuda, dengan diiringi oleh 30,000 pasukan yang dipimpin oleh Kalb, iaitu bapa saudaranya. Kemudian As-Sufyani mengerahkan askarnya ke Iraq. Dalam serangan ini seratus ribu orang terbunuh di Zaurak, yakni sebuah bandar di Timur. Setelah itu mereka menyerbu Kufah. Lantas muncullah Panji-panji Hitam. Yang memegang benderanya adalah seorang pemuda dari Bani Tamim yang digelarkan dia Syuaib bin Saleh. Dia kemudian menyerang sekelompok tawanan daripada penduduk Kufah dan membunuhnya. Setelah itu As-Sufyani mengerahkan askar-askarnya ke Madinah. Mereka terus menyerang Madinah selama tiga hari lalu menuju ke Makkah. Semasa mereka sampai di Al-Baidak, Allah memerintahkan Jibril agar menghentakkan kakinya dengan sekali hentakan, yang mana dengan hentakan tersebut mereka trbenam ke dalam bumi, hingga tiada yang tinggal lagi melainkan dua orang, yang kemudian menyampaikan berita tersebut kepada As-Sufyani namun As-Suyani tidak menghiraukannya. Dia segera mengirimkan dua orang Parsi untuk membantu menakluk Kostantinopel. Oleh raja Romawi, permintaannya itu segera dikabulkan. Namun ketika kedua-dua orang utusan itu sampai di pintu gerbang Damsyik, mereka dibunuh. Selain itu, As-Sufyani juga membunuh orang yang mengingkari dirinya, bahawa ada seorang wanita yang duduk di atas pahanya di pintu gerbang Damsyik. Pada ketika itu terdengarlah seruan dari langit yang menyatakan, “Wahai manusia, sesungguhnya Allah telah membinasakan orang-orang yang zalim, orang-orang munafik dan sekutu-sekutunya. Allah telah mengangkat seorang yang terbaik dari umat Muhammad SAW sebagai pemimpin kamu semua. Oleh itu, sambutlah dia di Makkah. Dia adalah Al-Mahdi yang bernama Ahmad bin Abdullah.” Lantas ada satu pertanyaan yang diajukan kepada Rasulullah SAW, “Wahai Rasul, bagaimana kami dapat mengenalinya?” Rasulullah SAW menjawab, “Dia adalah dari keturunanku, yang perawakannya mirip Bani Israel, dia memakai dua lapis jubah Qutwani, seolah-olah wajahnya bercahaya laksana bintang, pipi kanannya bertahi lalat hitam. Dia seorang yang tampan, berusia empat puluh tahun. Dia akan didatangi oleh Wali-wali Abdal dari Syam, Wali-wali Nujabak dari Mesir, para Asoib dari Timur dan pengikut-pengikutnya. Mereka lantas pergi ke Makkah serentak, kemudian berangkat pula ke Syam. Pada waktu itu, Jibril berada di depannya dan Mikail berada di belakangnya. Penghuni langit, penduduk bumi, burung-burung, binatang-binatang buas dan ikan-ikan di laut semuanya reda kepadanya. Air menjadi mudah di negeri mana pun yang dikuasainya, sungai-sungainya mengalir deras dan galian-galian mudah ditemui. Kemudian dia pergi Syam dan menyembelih As-Sufyani di bawah pohon yang dahan-dahannya menjulur sampai ke Laut Tibriyah.”

“Orang yang gagal adalah orang yang gagal pada hari pembunuhan Kalb, walaupun hanya sekadar mengikat kakinya sahaja.”

58. Bencana yang Berlaku Sebelum Al-Mahdi Muncul

“Al-Mahdi akan dibaiat pada bulan Muharam, setelah berlaku bencana dan peperangan pada bulan Ramadan hingga Zulhijah. Kemudian terjadi ancaman terhadap jemaah haji di Mina yang mengakibatkan banyak kematian an darah mengalir di Jamrah. Sebahagian daripada jemaah haji itu ada yang menyelamatkan Al-Mahdi lalu dibaiat di antara Hajar Aswad dan Maqam Ibrahim, namun dia enggan menerimanya. Dia lalu diancam, “Jika kamu tidak mahu menerima baiat daripada kami, maka lehermu akan kami penggal.”

59. Ciri-ciri Kedua-dua Belah Pahanya

“Kedua-dua belah paha Al-Mahdi lebar dan renggang.”

60. Mematahkan Salib dan Membunuh Babi

“Al-Mahdi akan muncul dengan bijaksana dan adil. Salib-salib akan dihancurkan dan babi-babi akan dibunuh. Dia akan membahagi-bahagikan harta, namun tidak seorang pun yang mahu menerimanya.”

61. Kemenangan-kemenangan Al-Mahdi

“Al-Mahdi akan menundukkan Rom dengan meneriakkan empat kali takbir, dan membunuh enam ratus ribu orang. Dia akan mengeluarkan apa sahaja yang ada di Baitulmaqdis, Peti Tabut, maidah Bani Israel, lembaran-lembaran Kitab Taurat, mhkota Nabi Adam AS, tongkat Nabi Musa AS, singgahsana Nabi Sulaiman AS, alat penyukat Manna Bani Istael. Al-Mahdi kemudian memasuki Kota Al-Qatik yang panjangnya seribu batu dan lebarnya 500 batu, dengan pintunya berjumlah 360 buah. Setiap pintu itu dijaga oleh seribu orang askar. Kemudian mereka meneriakkan takbir sebanyak empat kali, maka runtuhlah benteng Kota Al-Qatik itu, lalu mereka merampas seluruh harta yang ada di dalamnya. Mereka kemudian tinggal di sana selama tujuh tahun, lalu seluruh harta yang ada di Al-Qatik itu dipindahkan ke Baitulmaqdis. Maka datanglah perkhabaran yang mengatakan bahawa Dajjal telah keluar di tengah-tengah kaum Yahudi Isfahan.”

62. Al-Mahdi dan Perhiasan di Baitulmaqdis

“Tahir bin Asmak menyerang Bani Israel, kemudian menundukkannya dan merampas perhiasan yang berada di Baitulmaqdis. Sebahagian daripada harta ini dibakar dan sebahagian lagi diangkut dengan 1,700 buah kapal untuk dibawa ke Rom.”

“Al-Mahdi akan mengambil dan mengembalikan semua harta tadi ke Baitulmaqdis. Kemudian dia dan orang-orang yang bersama dengannya berjalan hingga melalui Rom, iaitu sebuah kota yang berukuran seratus suq, yang mana setiap suq berukuran seratus ribu kaki, lantas kota ini dikalahkan juga. Kemudian mereka melalui kota Al-Qtik yang berada di Laut Akhdar yang diliputi harta benda, panjangnya seribu batu dan lebarnya pula 500 batu, serta memiliki tiga ribu buah pintu.”